Thrustmaster T300 Wheel Servo Base – Review

Thrustmaster T300 Wheel Servo Base – Review

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The compact Wheelbase from Thrustmaster can be ordered in different versions. These usually differ by the included pedals (2- or 3-pedal set) and partly by the inclusion of an alternative steering wheel. For the pedals, which themselves are not part of this review, you should prefer the 3-pedal set due to the significantly better stability, for the steering wheels it’s mainly a question of your own preferences in terms of design and shape.

The combination of steering wheel and base tested here was purchased from Amazon (link:*).


The wheelbase presented here is inherently compatible with PlayStation (PS3 and PS4, Sony also promises compatibility with PS5) and popular simracing titles. In the PC area, the base can also be used in all relevant games, predefined profiles are also available for the majority of simulations and can be loaded directly.

Within the Ecosystem, the base is compatible with the additionally available steering wheel attachments from Thrustmaster. The pedals can also be exchanged for the higher-quality T-LCM pedals, which have a brake with a load cell and can thus be dosed much more sensitively. A handbrake and shifter from Thrustmaster are also available, so there are plenty of upgrade options.

Force Feedback

The T300RS base from Thrustmaster is equipped with a very good force feedback in this price range. The two-belt drive system makes the effects much more sensitive and less jerky, especially in direct comparison to the Logitech counterparts, which each use a gear drive. The very quiet system is equipped with a brushless industrial motor and is supported by H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology™, a technology with a contactless magnetic sensor for lasting precision, according to Thrustmaster.

With peak values of about 4 – 4.5 Newton meters, the T300 is a bit more powerful than Logitech’s G29, for example, but ranks slightly below Fanatec’s CSL Elite Wheelbase in comparison. In many situations, this is not noticed negatively, but depending on the car and force feedback settings, it can lead to so-called clipping, where stronger force feedback peaks can no longer be displayed – information is lost.

All in all, however, the force feedback is without real competition for this price range, and it is without a doubt suitable especially for the entry into the world of simracing up to the first competitive races.

Steering wheel

The included steering wheel is purposefully equipped and offers the following features:

  • 28 centimeters in diameter
  • Two shift paddles with a rather light pressure point
  • 11 function keys (+2 keys on the base)
  • 4-way directional pad

Additional buttons, especially rotary knobs or 2-way switches would have been desirable here. The workmanship of the steering wheel rim with its rubberized grips, on the other hand, can be described as quite good. Due to its almost 1.2 kilogram weight and the central spokes made of brushed metal, it appears to be of higher quality than the price range of the set would suggest, but it doesn’t manage without the use of plastic parts. The button caps in the design of the PlayStation are a matter of taste here.

Optionally, you can purchase the aforementioned add-on steering wheels like the Sparco P310 (see photo).


The T300 Base can be mounted either firmly on a rig or variably with the desk mount. For a firm hold on the desk, a table with a smooth underside is recommended so that the rubberized holding points provide sufficient grip.

The Quickrelease system

The Quickrelease of the T300 is simple but effective. Twisting it tightly ensures sufficient grip for the force feedback level, no tools are needed.

Different steering wheels can be changed quickly and easily, and the first compatible third-party products are now available.


All in all, the T300 from Thrustmaster is a clear recommendation and doesn’t have any major weaknesses. In particular, the set is ideal for a successful entry into the world of simracing. Thanks to the available upgrade options, especially the loadcell pedals, you can gradually configure a very usable setup for comparatively little money.


  • Preis
  • Riemenangetriebener Motor
  • Upgrademöglichkeiten
  • Flexible Montagemöglichkeiten
  • The best force feedback in the price range


  • Number of functions
  • Standard pedals with potential for improvement
  • Force feedback partly reaches its limits

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