Thrustmaster Steering Wheels

Steering wheels for the Ecosystem from Thrustmaster

The American company Thrustmaster, known for its gaming controllers since the early 1990s, has now created its own ecosystem with its steering wheels. There are numerous steering wheel attachments from all areas of motorsport, from the historic Ferrari GTO 250 to the modern F1 Boliden. From the steering wheel base T300 you can replace your steering wheel with just a few simple steps and is therefore ready for any situation. Prices for the replacement steering wheels start at around 100€-200€. The ecosystem now consists of a variety of intercompatible bases, including:

  • T500 RS
  • T300 RS
  • TX Racing Wheel S

Sections on DIY steering wheels and assembly can be found in the further course of this page.

Formula – Steering wheels

If you want to upgrade your base with a formula steering wheel, you have the choice between a Ferrari-licensed closed steering wheel and a generic semi-open counterpart. The former is a true-to-scale replica of the Formula 1 Ferrari 2011 and has the following function keys:

  • 2 x encoder knobs (to make auto settings directly during the race)
  • 8 x double snap-in pressure buttons
  • 3 x 3-position metal switch with recenter

In addition, shift erasers made of brushed metal, several LEDs and rubberized steering wheel handles are installed.

In contrast to the licensed model, the cheaper TM Open Wheel offers slightly fewer functions and dispenses with LEDs:

  • 6 Action Buttons
  • 1 D-Pad
  • 1 rotary knob switch (3 positions with push button)

However, the steering wheel handles covered with suede can be regarded as a plus point.

GT – Steering Wheels

Similar to Formula vehicles, there is also a generic thrustmaster steering wheel in the GT category and one licensed by Ferrari. Both steering wheels, however, have an almost identical design and are similar in design, size (28 cm diameter with reinforced rubber around the entire steering ring) and function keys, which are similar to those of the TM Open Wheel addon:

  • 6 Action Buttons
  • 1 D-Pad
  • 1 rotary knob switch (3 positions with push button)

The question of which steering wheel to choose here is therefore more in the taste and the question of budget and availability.

Ferrari – Steering Wheels

Two other steering wheel attachments from Thrustmaster are true-to-original Ferrari replicas in a scale of 8:10.

The replica of the steering wheel from the 1960s scores with a noble wood look and, for example, the logo badge made of real Chrome. In the Simulation Assetto Corsa, the 1962 250 GTO is the perfect vehicle.

The F599XX EVO 30 Wheel AddOn is similar to the two GT steering wheels, but is slightly larger with a diameter of 30 centimeters. The structure of the handlebars is identical to automotive standards due to a polyurethane molding body (for a more flexible grip and more comfort) and an internal steel tire, which according to Thrustmaster should also ensure a better transmission of force feedback. As a material for the steering ring, a hand-sewn cover from the same Alcantara as with real Ferrari steering wheels is used here.

Sparco – Steering Wheels

In cooperation with the Italian car parts and accessories company Sparco S.p.A, Thrustmaster has launched two more steering wheels on the market. Thrustmaster's P310 is a replica of the coveted 1:1 scale Sparco P310 with a diameter of 31 centimeters, encased in black suede and carbon-style button-style buttons inspired by real racing cars.

Thrustmaster's R383 is also a replica of Sparco's steering wheel of the same name. With its 33 centimetres and uniform shape, it is ideally suited as a rally steering wheel and is also marketed accordingly.

DIY – Steering Wheels

Thanks to the simple construction of the fastening for steering wheels, it is very easy to design and use your own steering wheels. In principle, only a corresponding adapter is required, which can be produced, for example, by 3D printing. For example, a corresponding 3D model in the form of a .stl file can be found on Thingiverse. If you don't have a 3D printer yourself, you'll find enough retailers on eBay (classifiedads) and Amazon to offer them.

Adapter by RamjetX

On the printed adapter you can then mount any steering wheel, any buttons and other functions are enabled separately by a USB port.


The steering wheel attachments are easy to change without much effort. The following is a sample video of the manufacturer:

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