SimLED V3 by 3D-SimGear in review

SimLED V3 RGB matrix of 3D-SimGear – Review

The SimLED V3 is a compact LED matrix in a 3d-printed housing designed by 3D-SimGear to display various information such as swivelled flags or the currently inserted gear using the Simhub software. It is individually adaptable to your own needs and can currently only be used with a PC.

Ordering and shipping

The two SimLED modules for this test were provided to me free of charge by 3D-SimGear. They can be obtained via the webshop (link*:, the price is 34.95€ for a SimLED V3 in the colours black or grey.

Shipping within Germany currently costs 2.70€ in the webshop and takes place via a book/goods shipment. In my case, the shipment arrived undamaged within 48 hours.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery is clear, but contains everything you need to start:

Compatibility and Drivers

For the operation of the SimLED, the well-known software Simhub (link: and the appropriate driver for the Arduino are required (linked in the manual PDF). Basically, the RGB matrix is therefore compatible with all common simracing titles, which are supported by Simhub:

  • Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • Automobilista 1 and 2
  • Dirt 2
  • Farming Simulator
  • F1 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Project Cars 1 and 2
  • RFactor 2
  • Iracing
  • and other

Technical data

SizeApprox. 69 x 99 (with bracket) x 18 mm (length x width x depth)
Weight45 g
Holes for fastening7.6 mm diameter
USB portMini-USB 2.0


Since the supplied SimLED is already soldered and flashed, you only have to connect it to your PC with the help of the supplied USB cable after installing the drivers and is ready to start immediately. If Simhub does not automatically detect the newly connected hardware, it is recommended that you set the scan settings to Scan all serial ports.

Subsequently, various settings can be made in the RGB matrix tab, which can be interconnected with the help of prefabricated logic blocks. This makes it possible, for example, to display something different for the pit lane than outside. The matrix is completely adaptable to your own needs via Simhub, there are no limits to creativity within the 64 coloured LEDs.

Also adjustable is the orientation of the matrix, if it is mounted rotated on its rig, the choice of colors and the intensity of the luminosity.

All in all, only a few minutes passed from unpacking the matrix to the first test. For me it is used directly below the screen (glued), but it is also possible to screw it to an aluminium profile without any problems due to the existing mounting holes.

The matrix in action

The matrix primarily acts as a gear indicator for me (see video) and is set to a low brightness so as not to dazzle me while driving.

The standard profile also displays the different flags that are waved in the simulations. The white, blue, red, green and black flags are in Simhub. Another interesting application is the spotter function. Here, an analog version of Helicorsa is displayed with the help of the matrix as soon as an enemy car is to the right or left of its own vehicle.

Compared to iFlag

The SimLED was clearly inspired by the “original” iFlag. However, it is about one centimeter taller and offers compatibility with many other simulations besides iRacing due to its intended use with Simhub. In return, however, you have to do without some iRacing-specific functions of the iFlag (full list of functions of an iFlag here:


The finished SimLED is a cost-effective way to upgrade its simracing rig quickly and easily, both visually and functionally. For about 35€ you get here without your own programming and soldering work a finished product with shipping from Germany, which comes in a 3D-printed housing. This is produced in a very good quality (as seen in the photos) in the FDM process and can only be seen as 3D printing on closer inspection. Overall, the complete package is very much to like, which is not least due to the great software Simhub. Overall, The SimLED is, in my view, a clear recommendation.


  • Value
  • Plug and Play
  • Compatibility with almost all Simracing titles through Simhub
  • Full adaptability in Simhub


  • Missing functions compared to the iFlag for iRacing
  • Glued housing

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