Review – Precision Sim Engineering GT Button Plate 2014

Review – Precision Sim Engineering GT Button Plate 2014

Ordering and shipping

This review was a bit different than usual: normally, new products are the focus here, but this is a button plate from the Precision Sim Engineering brand from 2014 – 2015, as the manufacturer told me in a short exchange. So the Button Plate was bought used and is currently no longer available for purchase. The successor (link: is anything but a bargain at just under 1300 euros and is also in the high-end category.

Caution, this review very likely does not reflect the current situation, there is too much time between the products for that.

Scope of delivery

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the scope of delivery at that time. In any case, in addition to the Button Plate, a USB spiral cable was also included in the original scope of delivery.

Compatibility and drivers

The Botton Plate is compatible with PC only. No other drivers are needed for it, the Button Plate is directly recognized as a game controller without any detours. The function keys can thus be assigned in all common simulations.

The Button Plate is only compatible with PC. No other drivers are needed for it, the Button Plate is recognized directly and without detours as a game controller. The function keys can thus be assigned in all common simulations.

Functional scope

Shift paddles

The installed carbon shift paddles were ahead of their time. Back in 2014, Precision installed magnetic shifters, which have a very nice shift feel due to the magnets that give them their name, but are very loud at the same time. In the meantime, Precision Sim Engineering has further optimized the shift paddles according to their own information and modified the design.


The steering wheel has the following function buttons installed.

  • 6 crease buttons, one of which has a raised edge as a trigger guard. The buttons are in their pressure feeling an absolute high-end product and clearly stand out from cheap models.
  • 2 two-way switch at the top of the button plate. Functional but not a highlight.
  • 2 rotary encoders with a very pleasant resistance

In total, the Button Plate thus comes to 14 function keys. A lot by the standards of the time; today, products with 7-way switches dominate.

Lenkradaufnahme + Quickrelease

Die Button Plate ist kompatibel zu Lenkrädern mit einem Lochkreis von 50,8mm, hier wurde ein Sparco P310 verbaut. Ebenso können Quickrelease mit einem Lochkreis von 50.8mm verbaut werden, in meinem Fall wurde die Montage des Simucube 2 SQR mit wenigen Handgriffen erledigt.

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist Precision-Sim-Engineering-GT3-shifter-1-1024x683.jpg


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The Precision Sim Engineering GT Button Plate was and is an excellent product. While it doesn’t come close to the amount of features of today’s high-end products, it is timeless in design and can still be purchased (used) without hesitation. With the high-quality materials and built-in buttons, as well as excellent magnet shifters, the button plate from Precision does not have to hide from “modern” products.