MOZA Racing – Steering Wheels

MOZA Racing – Steering Wheels

MOZA Racing has developed into one of the largest providers of sim racing hardware. What began a few years ago with a modest range has now developed into a fully-fledged ecosystem. Currently, the ecosystem includes a whole range of different steering wheels, from the Formula-style steering wheel with display to the 40-centimetre truck wheel.

MOZA Racing steering wheels

Below is an overview of the different steering wheels that MOZA currently has in its range. In addition to the name, the price (EU incl. VAT or directly from MOZA) and the diameter, the number of LEDs to indicate the RPM and the distribution of the buttons are also listed. The table also shows the weight and the paddles on the back.

WheelNameSizeWeightButtonsPaddlesRPM-LEDsShop (EU)*MOZA*
CS V2330mm2155gButtons: 6
Encoder: 2
Funky / Joystick: 2
ES280mm1345gButtons: 22Shifter10149€149€
FSR280mm1536gButtons: 10
Encoder: 7
Funky / Joystick: 2
Shifter, Dual Clutch10689€699€
GS V2300mm<2000gButtons: 10
Encoder: 7
Funky / Joystick: 2
Shifter, Dual Clutch10479€499€
KS300mm1226gButtons: 10
Encoder: 5
Funky / Joystick: 2
Shifter, Dual Clutch10309€309€
RS V2330mm2200gButtons: 10
Encoder: 2
Funky / Joystick: 2
TSW400mm2038gButtons: 14
Thumbwheels: 2
Funky / Joystick: 2

Compatibility (MOZA)

Compatibility within the MOZA Racing ecosystem is quickly explained. If you have a current base (recognisable by the cross-shaped pads on the QR mount), you can use any current steering wheel and also steering wheels from earlier productions.

Things are a little more complicated if you still have an old base (R9/R16/R21 V1) or a steering wheel from the first generation (CS/RS/GS V1). Here, a look at the MOZA Racing compatibility spreadsheet will provide help.

Compatibility (third-party manufacturer)

The following steering wheels currently offer the option of being used on a base from a third-party manufacturer via the MOZA hub with QR adapter:

  • KS Steering Wheel
  • FSW Steering Wheel
  • TSW Steering Wheel

The steering wheel mount (70mm and 50mm bolt circle with thread) included in the scope of delivery is used to connect the steering wheels to the respective base, while a combined data and power cable establishes the connection between the steering wheel and the MOZA Hub. The latter is also connected to the PC and supplied with power via an optional second USB port.


MOZA Racing relies on a proven quick release in “NRG style”, which is already available from or under €50 (via third-party suppliers). This is equipped with a bolt circle of 70mm and can therefore be used directly with many steering wheels on the market without an adapter.


We have already taken a close look at some of the steering wheels currently on offer and put them to the test. You can find the reviews here:

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