Heusinkveld Sim Shifter Sequential – Review

Heusinkveld Sim Shifter Sequential

Ordering and shipping

The Sim Shifter Sequential can be purchased directly from Heusinkveld’s in-house shop, the price is 209€ including VAT. In combination with the Sim Pedals Sprint or the Sim Pedals Ultimate you get a 20% discount on the price of the shifter.

Shipping to Germany is done with UPS and costs approx. 14€.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the shifter is very lavish and leaves nothing to be desired:

  • Shifter
  • USB cable
  • Table bracket with mounting screws (2x M4x12)
  • Fixing for e.B. an alurig
  • Three different threaded rods (50mm bent and grade, 30 mm grade)
  • Three different shift knobs (46mm round, 51mm, 90mm)
  • Heusinkveld Stickers
  • Wrench
  • Guide

Compatibility and Drivers

Heusinkveld’s Sim Shifter Sequential is currently only compatible with the PC, so it is not possible to use it on the console (PlayStation or Xbox).

For use on the PC it is sufficient to connect the shifter with the help of the supplied USB cable, an installation of drivers is not necessary. The shifter displayed as a game controller on Windows can thus be easily configured and used in any common racing simulation.

Optionally for a separate connection, an additional 4-pin molex plug is available.

Functionality (the shifter in detail)

Structure and switching feeling

The very compact shifter is extremely massive and makes a very high-quality impression. Only the assembly is somewhat shaky due to the plug-in system used, especially around the area of the acrylic cover of the board. This also does not sit 100% fixed and rattles something, which does not come to bear during the switching process and thus remains a side note.

Heusinkveld himself describes the switching feeling as follows:

Using a ball spring resistance system, shifting requires an early peak force after which resistance drops. This simulates the feeling as if your gearbox slides into the next or previous gear when the lever is engaged. The shifter is fitted with soft end-stops for the lever, resulting in a relative low amount of noise when shifting gears.


In fact, the shifter is extremely crisp and requires a lot of power to switch the gears. By using the longer threaded rod and the long shift knob, however, you can counteract this somewhat and force a slightly lighter switching feeling.

In fact, the soundscape is surprisingly calm, considering how much more force a switching process requires compared to a TH8A without modification of Thrustmaster. But he is by no means quiet. Also noteable are the switching processes, which take a little longer than with the shifters from Fanatec and Thrustmaster.


With regard to the attachment to the local rig or desk, there are no wishes left. Both the solid table holder with enclosed rubber mounting and the plates for lateral mounting are massive and give the shifter an absolutely safe hold. As a further installation option there are two holes for M4 screws at the bottom, so every possible installation case should be covered.


Overall, the Heusinkveld Sim Shifter Sequential is a purchase recommendation for anyone who regularly moves vehicles with such a circuit. It is solid and can be mounted almost anywhere. Criticisms in my eyes are the proud price (for example, additional shifters could have been offered optionally here) and the somewhat fuzzy assembly.


  • Materials used
  • Plug&Play via USB
  • Scope of delivery
  • Mounting options


  • Price
  • Hakeliger Assembly

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