Elgato Streamdeck (Buttonbox)

Elgato Streamdeck (Buttonbox)

In most racing simulations such as Assetto Corsa (Competiizone), iRacing, F1 2020 and many more, there are a variety of setting options. This allows you to change the camera, adjust countless driving line settings while driving or simply deactivate the voice chat at the touch of a button. Since steering wheels have a limited number of input options, a buttonbox is a good choice. A modern alternative is the Elgato Streamdecks. These consist of 6, 15 or 32 customizable LCD buttons and can be fully adapted to the needs of simracing. You can design your own buttons and occupy them at will. Sub-orders are also possible without any problems, which means that the number of assignable functions is virtually unlimited. If you want to use templates, this is of course also possible, for example at the following link: https://www.elgato.com/de/gaming/keycreator

Buttonpack Download: Link

Buttondeck on Amazon*

15 Buttons

32 Buttons

Sample video on Youtube

here is an exemplary configuration (download to the buttonpack: see above):

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