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Dashboards in simracing are small additional displays that usually provide information about the vehicle (revs, speed, gear, lap time, etc.) and the race session (remaining laps, position, temperature, etc.). They are often placed between the steering wheel and the monitor to ensure optimum viewing for the driver. While they were initially more of a niche product and usually customised products at sometimes extremely high prices, there are now a large number of affordable dashboards on the market as well as many popular DIY projects.

Dashboards (Hardware) – Overview

Acelith Ace Dash 43-12-34″ VoCorePlasticFanatec or Logitech / TM or Moza, or SimagicOn/Off166€
AlphaTecRacing Formula3-15-34,3″ VoCoreAluminiumAsetek, Fanatec, Moza, Simucube, Simagic, VRSCustom Dash349€
AlphaTecRacing GT312-10-125″VoCoreAluminiumAsetek, Fanatec, Moza, Simucube, Simagic, VRSCustom Dash, On/Off399€
Ascher Racing Dash3-15-34″ VoCoreAluminiumAsetek, Fanatec, Simucube, Simagic, VRSCustom Dash, On/Off369€
Ascher Racing Dash3-15-35″ VoCoreAluminiumAsetek, Fanatec, Simucube, Simagic, VRSCustom Dash, On/Off429€
AW Dashboard Hadron3-16-35″ VoCorePlasticNot specified
AW Dashboard Universe4-12-44″ VoCorePlasticNot specified
Delta DU55-13-55″ VoCoreAluminiumAsetek or Fanatec or Simucube / Simagic362€
Grid DDU-55-10-55″ VoCoreAluminiumFanatec, Simucube, Simagic343€
Grid Porsche DDU4-16-310.3″ HDMIAluminiumFanatec, Simucube, SimagicHDMI + Power supply needed590€
Leoxz DDU800
3-12-34.3″ VoCoreAluminium, CarbonFanatec, Simucube, Simagic4 Buttons249€
Moza CM HD5″ Custom LCDAluminumMOZA R5, R9, R12No Simhub support179€ (CN)
Moza RM HD5″ Custom LCDAluminumMOZA R16, R21No Simhub support299€ (CN)
Onesimpro DDU 55-10-55″ VoCorePlastic, CarbonFanatec or Moza or Simucube or Simagic or VRS199€
Onesimpro DDU 5 Pro5-10-55″ VoCoreAluminumFanatec or Moza or Simucube or Simagic or VRS259€
Onesimpro DDU 105-10-55″ VoCorePlastic, CarbonFanatec or Moza or Simucube or Simagic or VRS269€
Simcore DS1-S4.3″ VoCoreAluminiumAsetek (optional), Fanatec, Simucube, Simagic, VRS6 Colors
Simcore DS54-15-45″ VoCoreAluminiumAsetek (optional), Fanatec, Simucube, Simagic, VRS459€
Simcore UD2-J 57-12-75″ VoCoreAluminium, CarbonAsetek (optional), Fanatec, Simucube, Simagic, VRS529€
Simcore UD685-12-56.8″ VoCoreAluminiumAsetek (optional), Fanatec, Simucube, Simagic, VRS579€
Sim Racing Addict DDU 10.57-14-75″ VoCorePlasticAsetek or Fanatec or Moza or Simucube or Simagic or VRSOn/Off292€
Sim Racing Addict DDU 10.77-14-76.8″ VoCorePlasticAsetek or Fanatec or Moza or Simucube or Simagic or VRSOn/Off354€
Sim Racing Dashboard DV4804-9-45″ VoCoreAluminiumFanatec, Moza, Simucube, SimagicOn/Off279€
Simline 5 Inch4-13-45″ VoCoreAluminiumFanatec, Simucube, Thrustmaster257€
Simline 6.8 Inch4-13-46.8″ VoCoreAluminiumFanatec, Simucube, ThrustmasterOn/Off324€
Simrep DDUXX18.8″ HDMIFanatec, SimucubeHDMI and USB-Cable needed302€
Soelpec XR-54-14-45″ VoCoreAluminiumNot specified
Custom Dash, 2 Buttons, LEDs359€ (TK)
Turn DDU53-14-35″ Custom LCDInjection moldedFanatec, Simucube, Simagic, VRSCustom Dash, On/Off213€ (US-Shop)
3D-Simgear Racedash4-13-44.3″ VoCorePlasticAsetek, Fanatec, Moza, Simucube, Simagic, VRS172€
3D-Simgear Dash V25″ VoCorePlastic, CarbonSimucube, VRS or Fanatec152€


  • LEDs: Number of main LEDs on the dashboard and their layout.
  • Display: Installed display size and type.
  • Material: Main materials used for the dashboards (mounts not included).
  • Mount: Wheel Base Manufacturers listed as compatible. Other manufacturers are often also compatible, either directly or through minor modifications.
  • Misc: Additional features such as on/off switches, buttons or the manufacturer’s own Simhub dashboards.
  • Price: Price of the dashboard incl. VAT plus shipping costs. For suppliers outside the EU, the corresponding country code is indicated. Additional customs duties are to be expected here.

Dashboards and LED profiles (software)

Of course, dashboards also need to be fed with data. This is where the Simhub software comes into play, which is currently unrivalled and is supported by almost all current dashboards. In addition to the already integrated designs, there are a large number of customised solutions from various users and manufacturers. This means you can find the right dashboard for almost any vehicle, usually even free of charge. To be able to use Simhub to its full extent (otherwise you are limited to 10 FPS), a licence is required: https://www.simhubdash.com/get-a-license/

Profiles are also required for the installed LEDs in order to display the speed, flags or effects such as ABS/TC. Profiles customised to the respective vehicle are also particularly important here, as they can display the correct switching time appropriately. Some manufacturers supply ready-made profiles, others leave it up to the user to customise the profiles.


Basically, the following can be said here: The decisive factor for the purchase decision is above all your own preference in terms of display size, number and arrangement of the built-in LEDs and the manufacturer’s choice of materials. Larger dashboards are not superior by definition and, depending on the intended use, a smaller dashboard may also be desirable, for example because it covers less screen area. Of the dashboards tested so far, the dashboard from Leoxz has emerged as the price/performance winner.


Here you can find the dashboards that have been extensively tested so far:

Alternative: DIY projects

An alternative to ready-made dashboards are undoubtedly DIY projects, which are mostly based on the VoCore displays in various sizes in combination with 3D-printed housings. There are also somewhat more complex projects, some of which now even include self-developed circuit boards. There are no limits to creativity here.

A variety of projects can be found here, for example:

The VoCore screens can be purchased here:

7% 3D-Simgear Gutscheincode / Coupon code: simracingpc

Alternative: Mobile phones as a dashboard replacement

With Simhub you can also use your mobile phone as a dashboard, the biggest advantage being the generally high brightness and higher resolution of the latest mobile phones.

The mobile phone holder from Betterparts shown here is designed for Fanatec, but there are also solutions for wheel bases from other manufacturers.

With the discount code Simracing-PC5 you get 5% discount on the mobile phone holder from Betterparts (no affiliate link).

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