Cube Controls Formula Sport (USB) – Review

Cube Controls Formula Sport (USB) – Review

Ordering and shipping

The Cube Controls Formula Sport (USB) tested here was purchased used and accordingly already shows minor signs of wear. The steering wheel can be purchased regularly via the store of Cube Controls (Link: for 699€ including taxes, alternatively it is available through various third-party vendors.

Scope of delivery

The steering wheel comes in a very handsome plain black package (no photo) and is also packed in a matching cloth bag. The package includes the following components:

  • Steering wheel
  • Instruction
  • Fabric bag
  • Tools
  • USB spiral cable
  • Sticker sheets
  • Hub (assembled, podium hub is not included)

Compatibility and drivers

The steering wheel connects to the PC via USB, runs without installing an additional driver out of the box. and is therefore compatible with any simulation that supports USB input devices. For operation on a Fanatec base you need in any case one of the in-house hubs, otherwise any Quickrelease with the standard dimensions is sufficient

Scope of functions (The steering wheel in detail)

With a front plate made of real carbon, the steering wheel is made of high-quality materials throughout. The housing is also made of solid metal, no compromises were made here. The steering wheel’s function buttons include:

  • 13 recessed buttons, four of which have another raised border to prevent accidental activation. The feel of the buttons is very good with a relatively short travel and a well-defined pressure point
  • A seven-way switch on the left side, which provides very defined feedback on turns, but when used up (down, left, right) occasionally triggers the pressure function in addition in the heat of the moment if you are not very careful.
  • Two rotary controls in the lower area with a very well selected required strength for operation
  • Two toggle switches, which are illuminated or not depending on the position (see pictures). Especially well suited for, for example, the assignment as ignition or headlight button.

The paddle shifters

The paddle shifters are one of the highlights of the wheel from Cube Controls. They are made of carbon and are magnetic shifters, as known from the Advanced Paddle Module from Fanatec. They can be adjusted in position (see pictures), feel very comfortable and have an excellent pressure point. The paddles are rather smooth-running , but can easily be adjusted with additional magnets (not included).

Size, weight, and force feedback

With a diameter of 28.2 centimeters, the steering wheel is one of the rather smaller models. It is thus ideal for the formula range (hence the name…) but also suitable for modern GT3 cars. With a weight of just under one kilo, it is also extremely light thanks to the high-quality materials used and can therefore be recommended without restriction even for weaker wheelbases.


The grips on the steering wheel feel very good in the hand and are made of a rubbery material (Cube Controls refers to them as Molded grips (via Cube Controls proprietary Technology). Another advantage not to be sneezed at is the high durability of such a material. For example, there were no traces visible on the steering wheel we bought used, which would not have been possible with Alcantara. As a negative point, one could cite here at most the typical smell of rubber, if you use the steering wheel for a long time without gloves.

Quickrelease and USB cable

For a Fanatec user, the USB spiral cable seems unusual at first, but it is extremely high quality itself. It is needed to transfer the functions of the buttons to the PC and seems disturbing at first, but you get used to it completely after a few driven laps (provided the cable is laid accordingly).

With regard to the Quickrelease and the use of the Podium Hub, it is important to mention that the distance between the front plate and the Fanatec Quickrelease is just under 5 centimeters greater than, for example, a Formula Wheel from Fanatec. With alternative Quickrelease systems this “problem” does most probably not exist.


The Cube Controls Formula Sport (USB) scores with absolutely high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. Who is willing to pay a certain extra price for it, is very well taken care of here. An extensive scope of delivery, a beautiful packaging, the very high-quality USB cable and the range of functions round off the picture positively and make the steering wheel overall a clear recommendation.


  • Very high quality materials
  • Buttons and encoders
  • Magnetic shifter with very good pressure point
  • Low weight


  • When used on podium hub: large distance to wheelbase
  • Price (but worth it)