DIY – Buttonbox

The buttonbox is recognized by the PC without additional drivers and can be configured in any common simulation (e.g. iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor or Project Cars) at will. Up to 20 functions are supported by the controller used here. Higher-priced boards with support for up to 64 occupancy can be found at Leo Bodnar: Link

Parts list*


Getting a button box with the help of the finished USB board to put into operation is very easy. It is sufficient to insert the included connecting cables into the corresponding slots on the USB board and to solder the buttons of your choice (see picture at the top right). As a power supply, the connection is sufficient via the also included USB cable to the computer. The case can be selected at will, only recesses for the buttons and the USB cable have to be added. For the look, you can glue the box as you like, for example with carbon foil.

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