Betterparts Magnetshifter add-on for CSL hub from Fanatec in test

Betterparts Magnetshifter add-on for CSL hub from Fanatec – Review

The CSL hub from Fanatec was able to score points in our test (link) primarily due to its good price-performance ratio. One of the points of criticism, however, was the gearshift paddles, which the eBay retailer Betterparts takes up and offers a corresponding upgrade for purchase.

Order, shipping and unboxing

The Magnetshifter add-on from Betterparts can currently only be purchased via eBay and is available there for 24.99€ + 4.99€ shipping.

Shipping is from Germany, is stated as approx. 4 working days and comes in a padded box. The 3D-printed parts are sufficiently protected and can be installed directly without detours.

The dealer only ships to Germany so far.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the package includes:

  • The two gearshift paddles: Solid 3D printed, replace the original paddles and have a “counter pole” to the magnets due to the screw connection.
  • The two magnetic holders: With their two magnets each, they enable the desired gearshift feel as known from other magnetic shifters. Also solid 3D-printed.
  • Four screws for mounting the magnet holders. Replace two of the screws used by Fanatec. Black screws would have been a nice addition for the look.


To assemble the add-on, it is necessary to unscrew the CSL hub. If you don’t shy away from this, you will be done with the assembly after about 20-30 minutes, accompanied by a video from the manufacturer, which should not leave any questions unanswered.

Requirements / Tools

No advanced knowledge is necessary for the conversion. Only the handling of the screwdriver and the Allen key should be known. You need the following tools;

  • Screwdriver Phillips PH0
  • Screwdriver Phillips PH2
  • Allen key 3mm

Assembly procedure

As described, a manufacturer’s video guides you through the individual sections of the conversion:

  • Dismantling the steering wheel
  • Loosening the backplate of the hub
  • Removal of the side panel (including removal of the gearwheel)
  • Replacing the paddles
  • Reassembling the fairing and the backplate
  • Assembling the magnet holder

Gearshift feel

The shifting feel with the normal paddles of the CSL hub can at most be described as sufficient or corresponding to the price category. After the conversion, you need significantly more force for the shifting process, the shifting feel is much more defined and offers better feedback. The typical loud shifting noise of solenoid shifters is of course also present.


The magnet shifter add-on for the CSL hub from Fanatec is a welcome upgrade option for anyone who wants to achieve a significantly better shifting feel for an affordable price. With an installation time of less than half an hour without any major challenges, it is an unconditional recommendation for anyone who is willing to lend a hand to the CSL hub themselves. The significantly improved shifting feel is a clear upgrade for Fanatec’s currently cheapest hub.


  • Price-performance ratio
  • Significantly improved shifting feel
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • No permanent intervention in existing hardware necessary


  • CSL hub has to be partially dismantled for assembly
  • Aluminium rockers would be desirable

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