3D printing in simracing

3D printing in simracing

Overview Projects:

  • iFlag (housing) Download STL: (1) (2) Project link: https://github.com/simrac
    er-cz/iFlagiFlag is a 60mm*60mm LED matrix for displaying flags in iRacing. Since the latest updates, there are also more advanced features such as an enemy radar.
  • 3KW Motion-Sim-Rig (Parts) Download STL:(1) Project link: https://opensfx.com/
    Bekannt here from the forum. Probably the cheapest option for such a motion solution at the moment.
  • Fanatec wall mount (complete) Download STL: (
    1)Simple but effective wall mount for the Fanatec Quickrelease
  • Shifter plates (Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS) (complete) Download STL: (1) (2)S
    elf-explanatory. There are different versions. From 4-7 gear. Also as a handbrake mod.
  • Shifter Mod (Thrustmaster TH8A/TH8RS) Download STL: (
    1)For a better switching feel.
  • Thrustmaster 3D Printing Wheel Adapter Download STL: (1) (2) Project Link to (1): https://forum.virtualracing.org/show…NO button plate
  • Rev Limiter (housing) Download STL: (1
    )runs with Simhub and two WS2812 5050 RGB LEDs
  • USBD480 Case (case) Download STL: (
    1)Case for a 4.3" USB TFT Display
  • ShakeIt Wind simulation (Fan-Shroud) Download STL: (1) Project link: https://github.com/zegreatclan/SimHu…ind-simulatio
    nGeschwindigkeitsabhängige fan for operation in Simhub.
  • VR Glasses Holder Downloads STL: (1)
  • Various QR Download/Threadlink: (1)
  • Motedis Accessories of All Kinds Download STL: (1)
  • Heusinkveld USB Protection Download STL: (1)
  • Accessories for Item-Profile Download STL: (1) (
    2) (3)Item Endcover various sizes, Item cable holder self-clamping, Item cable clip for clamping cables.
  • Clutch cover for Fanatec 650S Download STL: (1)
  • Arduino SFX-100 Shield Enclosure Download STL: (1)
  • Oculus Touch Bracket for Item_8 Profile Download STL: (1)
  • Q1R Quick Release Wall Mount Download STL: (1)
  • Fanatec CSL ELITE Wheel Fast Clamp Download STL: [URL=”https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3553213″](1)
  • Wago Terminals Holder Download STL: [URL=”https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:55910″](1)
  • Stream Deck – 3D Print Bracket Download STL: (1)

Overview Printer*:

Entry-level model, simple design, reliable:Cre
ality Ender 3 (<200€) (Amazon, etwas teurer, Garantie),(Aliexpress, Achtung vor Zoll, im Zweifel keine Garantie),(eBay, Tipp, da direkt vom Hersteller)

P/L-"King", very common here in the forum, construction in <30 Minuten.
Anycubic i3 Mega (€250-300) (Amazon, more expensive, warranty), (Gearbest, always on offer. In case of doubt no guarantee) (eBay, depending on the dealer a tip, as partly directly from the manufacturer)

The original, with (reportedly) excellent print results."
ORIGINAL PRUSA I3 MK3" (650-1000€) (manufacturer, as a kit and assembled.)

There are still massive other printers in all price ranges, in the end your own taste decides. The ones listed here are only examples!

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