MOZA Flight Sim Gear pre-order – AB9 Base, MH16 Flightstick and Z-Axis Module

MOZA Flight Sim Gear pre-order – AB9 Base, MH16 Flightstick and Z-Axis Module

Shortly after the announcement of the Flight Sim line-up, the Chinese manufacturer MOZA has already opened the possibility for the first pre-orders and the following products can already be pre-ordered from today, 27 June:

  • MOZA AB9 Active Force Feedback Base
  • MOZA MH16 Flightstick
  • MOZA Z-Axis Module

According to MOZA, the hardware will start shipping on 31 July, which will probably come as a positive surprise to many in consideration of its recent launch. The respective prices for the individual regions can be found further down in the article.

AB09 Base

The hardware, which is available to pre-order now, is built around the FFB Base from MOZA, which is equipped with dual servo motors and can be mounted in various ways in the cockpit or on the desk.

  • Force Feedback Algorithm: Ensures precise and realistic force feedback, giving pilots an authentic feel of the aircraft controls.
  • 9N·m Dual Servo Motors: High-torque motors provide powerful and responsive feedback, enhancing realism.
  • MOZA Cockpit Control Software: Allows comprehensive customization and fine-tuning of flight settings for a personalized experience.
  • Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy Construction: Built from high-quality materials for durability and a professional appearance.High-Resolution Encoder: Guarantees smooth and precise control inputs, essential for accurate flight simulation.

The AB09 Base can be pre-ordered at the following prices; the prices are subject to taxes and customs duties depending on the destination country:

 $549 | € 599.00 | £549.00 | AUD 999.00 | JPY 88,900.00

MH16 Flightstick

There is also a matching joystick to go with the base in the form of the MH16 flight stick, which offers a total of 27 different input options. Particularly noteworthy here is the 8-way switch from the manufacturer ALPS, which is likely to be familiar to simracers from the DIY scene.

  • Realistic and Durable: The all-metal joystick replicates the original aircraft’s design with aviation-grade aluminum alloy and automotive-grade paint, ensuring durability and excellent mechanical performance.
  • Classic Look: Inspired by legendary fighter aircraft control sticks, it features a slightly forward-leaning ergonomic design for an authentic pilot experience.
  • Detachable Modular Components: The joystick includes easy-to-install, removable modules with pogo pin connections, offering additional switches without messy wiring.
  • 27 Input Signals: Customizable functions can be assigned through MOZA Cockpit Control Software for personalized configurations.
  • 8-way Switch: Equipped with ALPS eight-way thumbstick caps for reliable hat switch functionality.
  • Easy Fit, Plug-and-Play: Compatible with most bases, it offers instant plug-and-play convenience.

Pricing is broken down as follows:

$169.00 | € 189.00 | £169.00 | AUD 299.00 | JPY 28,900.00

Z-Axis Module

The trio is completed by an additional Z-axis module, which is equipped with a Hall sensor and has a range of +- 20 degrees.

  • Dual functions: Yaw control axis with ±20° range and extension kit adding 97mm in length.
  • Precision: Features 16-bit high-resolution Hall sensor for accurate control.Durability: Constructed from aerospace-grade CNC aluminum alloy.
  • Durability: Constructed from aerospace-grade CNC aluminum alloy.

Pricing is broken down as follows:

$79.00 | € 89.00 | £79.00 | AUD 139.00 | JPY 12,900.00



  • The net weight of the base is around 5.5 kg. When packed, the weight increases to 7.5 kg.
  • MOZA FFB Base dimensions: 227.9 x 204.5 x 157 mm :
  • The mount is not currently included. Once it is ready for purchase, it will be featured on the MOZA website.
  • The grip compatibility for the Moza AB9 FFB Base: Thrustmaster F16/F18, Virpil vpc-mongoost-50cm2-grip.
  • Compatibility with Flight Sim Games: MSFS2020, X-plane 12/11/10, DCS , IL-2, War Thunder, and more.

MOZA MH16 Flight Stick

  • Will you provide a C or S curve extension for the grip? Yes
  • Does this stick have a single stage or dual stage main trigger? Dual stage

General Questions

  • Pedals not available for preorder yet? Coming soon.
  • Order or delivery questions? Please email at

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