Asetek introduces new wheel handles, modular steering wheel concept and more customisation options

Asetek introduces new wheel handles, modular steering wheel concept and more customisation options

Asetek Simsports has been active in the simracing scene for around two years now and has slowly but steadily expanded its ecosystem. In addition to the upgrade kits already available for the Danish manufacturer’s pedals, new grips will soon be available for the Forte and La Prima steering wheels. Asetek is also revising its steering wheel concept and launching new customisation kits on the market.

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New wheel handles

The first innovation presented by Asetek is two new grip designs for the La Prima and Forte Fomula wheels. The LMP-style grips, which close off the lower part of the steering wheel in terms of design, should be particularly interesting. There are also new grips that are covered with Alcantara and therefore stand out from the current rubber grips.

Color Kits

In addition to the grips teased in recent weeks and months, Asetek is introducing new ‘color kits’ that extend the black-orange colour scheme that has been consistently pursued to date and offer more scope for customization. Details on prices and availability dates will hopefully follow in the release video.

New design philosophy for steering wheels

The new design philosophy for the steering wheels is also all about customization. In the future, the Formula Wheels will follow the same concept as the Button Boxes and users will be able to choose which grips they prefer directly when ordering.

In addition, black and grey will be the new standard colors.

Future products and new QRs

There will also be new information about Asetek’s upcoming products, which have not yet been presented in detail. Here is a recap of the last Q&A session: Asetek Q&A – Invicta Wheel, Upgrade Kits, La Prima QR and more

Explicit mention is made of a new QR family, which most likely refers to more cost-effective alternatives to the very good, but also expensive Invicta QR.

Presentation on Youtube

To present the new products, Asetek is once again using the YouTube platform, where the founder and CEO of Asetek, André Eriksen, will present the new products in video form:

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