MOZA Flight Simulation Gear – FFB AB9 Base, MH16 Joystick, MTP Throttle Panel and MRP Rudder Pedals revealed

MOZA Flight Simulation Gear – FFB AB9 Base, MH16 Joystick, MTP Throttle Panel and MRP Rudder Pedals revealed

MOZA Racing is already an established name in the sim racing market and has developed into one of the largest and most recognised manufacturers. Starting with a small selection of hardware, there is now a fully-fledged ecosystem. Now the Chinese manufacturer is also attacking the flight simulation market and is introducing a whole range of products. In addition to a base with servo motors and a matching flight stick, rudder pedals and a throttle panel as well as a take-off and landing panel are naturally also included.

AB9 Base

Without a doubt, the most eagerly awaited component in the line-up is the AB9 Base from MOZA. Equipped with a force feedback algorithm and a maximum force of 9Nm, it accurately simulates the aircraft’s reaction during taxiing, take-off, landing and turbulence.

According to MOZA, the base will be fully compatible with flight sticks from all third-party providers, which emphasises MOZA’s openness to an inclusive ecosystem.


MOZA lists the following features of the AB9 Base:

  • Force Feedback Algorithm: This proprietary algorithm ensures precise and realistic force feedback, giving pilots an authentic feel of the aircraft controls.
  • 9N·m Dual Servo Motors: High-torque dual servo motors deliver powerful and responsive feedback, enhancing the realism of flight maneuvers.
  • MOZA Cockpit Control Software: This software allows for comprehensive customization and fine-tuning of flight settings, ensuring a personalized flight experience for every user.
  • Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy Construction: Our products are crafted from high-quality materials and are built to withstand rigorous use while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.
  • High-Resolution Encoder: Advanced encoder technology ensures smooth and precise control inputs, which are crucial for accurate flight simulation.

MH16 Joystick

With the MH16 joystick, MOZA also supplies the perfect tool for controlling fighter jets or similar aircraft to go with the AB9 base. It is made of aluminium and equipped with a total of 24 different input options. In addition, individual components of the joystick will be modularly interchangeable.

MRP Rudder Pedals

Of course, MOZA is also presenting the matching rudder pedals. According to the manufacturer, they can be used for various types of aircraft, including helicopters.

MTP Throttle Panel / MTLP Take Off and Landing Panel

The final elements are a Throttle Panel and a Take Off and Landing Panel, which offer the following features:

  • 35 physical switches
  • Infinitely adjustable resistance
  • Real-time flight speed feedback via a vibration module
  • High-precision angle sensors
  • Made from durable aluminium

MOZA Cockpit Control Software

The software used is a solution called MOZA Cockpit similar to the MOZA Pit House for the simracing hardware. The components of the hardware can be configured here and downloadable presets will be available in the software. According to MOZA Racing, the following simulations are compatible, among others:

  • MSFS2020
  • X-plane 12/11/10
  • DCS
  • IL-2
  • War Thunder

Prices and availability

There is currently no information on an exact release date and/or prices for the individual components. However, looking at MOZA’s previous product releases, information on this should follow in the not too distant future.

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