Leoxz XGT Pro Steering Wheel – Review

Leoxz XGT Pro Steering Wheel – Review

The newly introduced XGT Pro Steering Wheel complements the Leoxz steering wheel line-up and, with a diameter of 295, has the ideal characteristics for use as an all-round wheel. We took a close look at the interesting steering wheel with its 0.96 inch display, illuminated buttons and Simhub compatibility and tested it extensively.

Ordering and shipping

Leoxz operates its own shop where the steering wheel can be purchased with or without a dual clutch. There is also the possibility to purchase an optional QR or the XGT 2.4G link.

The following prices are quoted by Leoxz, plus shipping, taxes and customs duties where applicable:

  • XGT Pro Shifter Only: 399.99€
  • XGT Pro Shifter & Clutch: 469.99€
  • QRs
    • Simagic QR: 60€
    • MOZA QR: 60€
    • Fanatec QR1: 80€
    • Fanatec QR2: 99€
  • XGT 2.4G Link: 29.95€

The product tested here was provided by the manufacturer. No influence was exerted on this review at any time.

Technische Daten

Here you can find the technical specs of the 295mm steering wheel with a weight (without QR and with double clutch) of approx. 940g:

  • 295mm polyurethane grip, produced by high-precision molds, has a special coating on its surface, and its delicate texture satisfies various driving needs.
  • The back cover and paddles are processed using CNC technology and coated with black anodizing to achieve optimal appearance and lasting durability.
  • The front panel and paddles are made of 4mm 3K carbon fiber with high-end textured coating.
  • 9+14+4 RGB LEDs that can be customized through SimHub.
  • 0.96 inch IPS screen with a resolution of 160×80 pixels and a 60fps refresh rate, and its dashboard can be customized through SimHub.
  • 14 RGB buttons with 500g of actuation force, 2 Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoders and 4 push-button encoders, 2 thumb knob
  • It comes with a standard magnetic shifter paddle, and additional clutch paddles are available as options.
  • The clutch paddles can be set to bite point mode, axis mode.
  • All paddles use non-contact Hall sensors for long-lasting durability.
  • 70mm diameter QR mounting hole.
  • It can be connected to Leoxz Fanatec QR through the QR cable interface to unlock Fanatec base torque.
  • Optional powered QR for Fanatec, Simagic, and Moza.
  • Fanatec mode for compatibility with PS4/5 on Fanatec bases. Supports access to the Fanatec Tuning Menu for adjusting base settings(Leoxz has only tested it on Fanatec DD Pro-PS Mode).
  • Low latency 2.4G wireless functionality(need to purchase XGT 2.4G Link separately as a USB receiver).
  • Equipped with an industrial-grade GX12 threaded USB interface and a USB double-twisted cable with nylon tensile resistance, subjected to 100,000 cycles of cable twisting tests.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the XGT Pro offers no surprises and cannot quite keep up with the extras of the last wheels tested. In addition to the stickers and a corresponding plastic pair of tweezers for attaching them, the stylish packaging only contains the USB spiral cable supplied with the steering wheel.

  • XGT Pro Steering Wheel (Quick release not included)
  • USB-GX12 Cable
  • Custom Stickers
  • Nylon Tweezers


In terms of compatibility, the XGT Pro from Leoxz is currently the undisputed number one. No other manufacturer is as versatile here and offers direct or indirect compatibility with the following manufacturers:

  • Simucube SC1, SC2
  • Fanatec DD1, DD2, CSW, CSL DD, DD Pro (Base torque needs to be unlocked with Leoxz Fanatec QR)
  • Simagic Alpha Mini, Alpha, Alpha ultimate
  • Moza R12 (The V1 base does not support the QR power supply. The V2 base supports QR functionality, but Leoxz has only tested it on R12, so compatibility with other bases cannot be guaranteed. In this case, USB cable can be used for power supply.)
  • Asetek Direct Drive Wheelbase( Installation of the Invicta Quick Release Adapter is required for the steering wheel)

There are basically two ways to operate the steering wheel:

  • Via the USB spiral cable with GX12 connector supplied: The steering wheel is then fitted via the QR mount provided (70 millimetre bolt circle with six holes each with and without thread). For Fanatec, for example, a Podium hub or the in-house QR2 Core (€119.95) / QR2 Link (99.95€) from Leoxz is required here, for Simucube a Simucube Quick Release – Wheel-Side and for MOZA an NRG-style QR. If the QR cannot be screwed on from the outside, the steering wheel must be opened. To do this, however, only the screws on the front plate and the rear aerial need to be loosened. The entire process therefore takes a maximum of five minutes.
  • Via a Leoxz QR in combination with the XGT 2.4G Link: Here the power is supplied directly via the base (MOZA / Simagic / Fanatec), while the connection is wireless. In this mode, it should be noted that only the supplied dashboard design can be used. Particularly interesting: In Fanatec mode, the steering wheel not only provides access to the Fanatec tuning menu, but is also compatible with the PS4/5. However, according to Leoxz, this is only guaranteed for the Fanatec DD Pro (tested with the latest version at the beginning of May 2024) for the time being.


The steering wheel has a range of functions, which are presented below: These are housed in a very slim housing made of black anodised, CNC-milled aluminium in combination with a front plate made of four millimetre thick carbon. Our review sample is impeccably finished and weighs only around 940 grams in total (without QR).


The XGT Pro has the following input options::

  • 14 buttons: Compared to the previous models, the buttons are now illuminated and controllable via Simhub. They also have a clearly defined pressure point (Leoxz specifies the required force as 500g).
  • 4 encoders + push buttons: There are four encoders with integrated push function in the centre. They are each fitted with plastic caps that sit comfortably in the hand. The push function is acknowledged with a loud click and feels very good when pressed.
  • 2 thumb encoders: In the thumb area (as the name suggests…) there are two easily accessible thumb encoders which, like the central encoders, are fitted with plastic caps and are very light to operate. This is ideal for setting the brake balance or FFB, for example, but for critical settings such as TC or ABS it is better to choose other assignments, as it is easy to adjust two steps instead of one in the heat of the moment.
  • 2 Funky switches: The two Funky switches (click left, right, up and down, turn left, turn right, press), which are positioned within reach of the grips, are definitely an important input highlight. People with large hands can operate them directly, otherwise a slight change of grip is required.

This results in a total of 45 input options, which should be more than sufficient for most applications.


Video to follow

LEDs und Display

Leoxz installs a 0.96-inch IPS display in the centre with a resolution of 160×80 pixels and a refresh rate of 60fps. At first glance, you might think that, apart from a speed or gear display, there is not much more to it due to its small size. However, thanks to full Simhub compatibility, any dashboard and therefore any information can be made available here. As you usually can’t look at the display in the steering wheel while driving anyway, this is a very good addition and definitely offers added value.

There are also the nine LEDs above the display, which can or should be used primarily as RPM LEDs. They can also be configured via Simhub and offer a very high maximum brightness.

The steering wheel is completed by the 18 adjustable LEDs of the buttons and encoders, which are also controlled via Simhub. Unfortunately, the stickers supplied cannot quite keep up here and are simply not thick enough for high brightness.

Shifter and dual clutch

At the rear, Leoxz has installed the two magnetic paddle shifters and the optional dual clutch, both of which work via contactless Hall sensors.

Compared to the XF1 Sport and Pro, the shifters in particular have a significantly larger housing (made of aluminium) and a correspondingly longer actuation travel. In combination with the unchanged metal-on-metal end stop of the shifters, this results in a much crisper shifting feel, which can certainly compete with the most recently tested high-end wheels, but is only suitable for living rooms to a limited extent due to the rather high level of noise.

The two analogue axles can be configured either as a dual clutch (with freely selectable bite point) or as two separate axles for e.g. throttle and brake. The in-built spring provides a medium level of firmness, and starting off is very easy.

None of the paddles can be adjusted in position or distance to the grips. Fortunately, you can simply use longer screws and a spacer for the shifters if necessary.


Compared to the XF1 Sport and Pro, the rubber grips on the Leoxz XGT Pro are slightly larger and also a little thicker. As a result, they are now much more ergonomic in the hand than before. Even on longer drives, the steering wheel was always comfortable to hold, both with and without gloves.

Software (Simhub)

To manage the functions of the wheel, Leoxz once again relies on the free Simhub software (full version from €6.99, required for more than 10 FPS on the dashboard) in combination with its own plugin called SimBridge.

The functions of the wheel can be checked and the firmware updated here. The stored LED profiles (both for the RPM LEDs and for the illumination of the buttons) and the dashboard of the screen can also be customised here. The supplied profiles and the dashboard are rather functional, but can be further customised to your own needs with a little training.

Simhub profiles by Simracing-PC

During the test, it became clear that although the LED profiles and dashboard design supplied are generally good, they do not implement some of Simhub’s possible features. Reason enough to take action here and create our own profiles:

LED profile (buttons)

The LED profile for the buttons extends the functionality to include a choice of different colour profiles, a spotter function, the display of telemetry data and several other features. The profile can be downloaded here free of charge and imported into Simhub.

  • Static Colors (white, orange, yellow, red, blue, purple)
  • Flags (white, green, blue, yellow) -> Buttons 8-11
  • Spotter (left / right) -> Buttons 1-7 / 12-18
  • TC active -> Buttons 1-3 + 16-18
  • ABS active -> Buttons 1-3 + 16-18
  • DRS available / active -> Button 3
  • Fuel low -> Button 16
  • Turn indicator (left / right) -> Button 1 / 18

Dashboard (Display)

Several functions have also been added to the dashboard. There are now four different screens that display the tyre pressure, tyre temperature or a customised delta display. The dashboard can also be downloaded here.

  • Speed + Gear change
  • Delta to session best
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Tyre Temperature

Driving impression

Video to follow


The XGT Pro is currently one of the most interesting steering wheels in the €500 price range. Leoxz has taken up the positive aspects of the XF1 Pro, reinterpreted the display, added illuminated buttons and successfully tackled the small weak points. In addition to full Simhub support, the high-quality materials used and the high number of buttons, the steering wheel now offers a significantly larger diameter (295 millimetres) and improved magnetic paddle shifters. The small display is a welcome change and can definitely provide added value when used properly with Simhub. The compatibility, including various in-house QR solutions, which make the steering wheel an absolute all-rounder, is currently definitely unrivalled.

All in all, Leoxz delivers an excellent overall package with the XGT Pro at a comparatively favourable price. Anyone looking for an all-rounder steering wheel in the €500 price range will certainly be well served here.


  • Price/performance ratio
  • Simhub integration
  • (Hardware-)Compatibility
  • Materials
  • Shifter and dual clutch
  • 0.96 inch screen and illuminated buttons


  • Stickers

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  1. Thanks for the review. Are the thumb encoders working in Wireless mode ? They don’t seems to work in Fanatec Mode. I would like to use all the button in Wireless mode on PC (Same as USB mode). Many thanks

    • Hey Samir,

      In PC mode, all buttons should be fully usable. Unfortunately, I can’t verify this at the moment, as I use the steering wheel via USB on an Asetek base.

      Kind regards,

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