The Real Race 2024 Super Trofeo Esports – Registration now open

The Real Race 2024 Super Trofeo Esports – Registration now open

The Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini has been regularly organising esports competitions for several years and is also very active in the scene with its own team. This year, sim racers once again have the opportunity to compete in the simulation Assetto Corsa Competizione to get a little closer to their dream of real motorsport.

The Real Race 2024 Super Trofeo Esports

The big goal of the Lamborghini Real Race 2024 Super Trofeo event this season is to win the final, which will be held offline in Jerez from 15 to 17 November. The prize is a one-year contract as a driver for the Lamborghini Esports Team and the chance to get at least a little closer to real motorsport.

The road to the final

On the way to the offline final in Jerez, you first have to qualify for one of the four qualifying races in one of the four Hot Stint Challenges in the simulation Assetto Corsa Competizione. These will take place on the following dates:

  • Race 1 – Imola: 23 May (Hot Stint Challenge: 08-20 May)
  • Race 2 – Spa: 20 June June (Hot Stint Challenge: 05 – 17 June)
  • Race 3 – Red Bull Ring: 18 July July (Hot Stint Challenge: 03 – 15 July)
  • Race 4 – Barcelona: 19 September (Hot Stint Challenge: 04 – 16 September)

In order to take part in the races, drivers must fulfil a number of conditions, but these should not be a problem for most participants:

  • Be resident in any of the territories listed in Art. 2;
  • Have already reached the age of 16 (sixteenth), and, if they have not yet reached the age of 18 (eighteen), have obtained the prior consent of their parent or the person exercising parental responsibility in order to participate in this Competition;
  • Not be officially banned from any Esports competition managed by the organiser or partners;
  • Agree with Terms and Conditions of this regulation;
  • Agree with the Sporting Code;
  • Agree with the Code of Conduct (Art. 11);
  • Agree & sign a copy of the The Real Race – Super Trofeo Esports – Driver Agreement if qualified for a race.

A visit to Imola – Lamborghini Arena 2024

Disclaimer: Simracing-PC was invited to Imola by MOZA Racing. There were no conditions on the part of MOZA Racing that would have obliged us to publish an article about this event.

At the beginning of April (6-7 April), we were able to get a first-hand impression of the new season at the kick-off event in the Lamborghini Arena. Five simulators were available on site for visitors to take on the almost five-kilometre-long iconic race track in Imola under the guidance of the Lamborghini Esports drivers.

The on-site event was a complete success. With the weather at its best, the simulators were occupied throughout the weekend and many drivers left the seats with a big grin on their faces – from experienced sim racers to junior drivers.

New partnership between Lamborghini and MOZA Racing

Also very interesting for us simracers: MOZA Racing became the official partner of Lamborghini this year and also provides the corresponding hardware. The following components were used on site in Imola:

  • MOZA Racing Direct Drive Wheel Base
  • MOZA Racing CRP pedals
  • MOZA Racing GS V2P GT Steering Wheel

We will be publishing a review of the R16 Wheel Base here in the coming weeks. This was made available to us by MOZA Racing for a detailed test after the event.

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