Asetek Racehub 3.0 released – New effects and settings

Asetek Racehub 3.0 released – New effects and settings

Lange mussten die Nutzer von Asetek auf das neueste Update der hauseigenen Software Racehub warten. Die Version 3.0 bringt nun endlich die lang ersehnte Unterstützung für Le Mans Ultimate und bietet eine Reihe neuer Einstellmöglichkeiten sowie LED-Effekte.

New LED effects: Flags, TC, ABS and Co

The most important new feature of version 3.0 are undoubtedly the new LED effects for all of the manufacturer’s components. Not only the LEDs on the wheelbase but also the LEDs on the Asetek steering wheels and pedals can now react dynamically to flag effects and telemetry data from the vehicle. Predefined effects can currently be activated or deactivated individually for each of the devices used. The following effects are currently available:

  • Assists
    • ABS / Lockup
    • Car Spotter
    • Device Input
    • ESP
    • TC
  • Flags
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Chequered
    • Green
    • Red
    • Safety Car / VSC
    • White
    • Yellow / Double Yellow

Introduction of idle modes

It is now also possible to choose from preset idle modes that complement the current option of displaying a static colour. The following modes are available:

  • SimSports
  • River
  • Twister
  • Paradise
  • Twister Paradise
  • Wiper
  • Clouds
  • Sweep
  • Rider
  • Random

Le Mans Ultimate compatibility and simplified pedal curves

In addition to other new features, Le Mans Ultimate compatibility should please fans of the relatively new simulation.

Another new feature is the significantly revised interface for the pedal curves. More data points can now be defined and freely moved or grouped together. This is a very pleasant change, especially for the Forte and La Prima pedals, to better customise the second stage to your own needs.

Download and changelog

The software can now be downloaded directly from Asetek or installed directly via the software’s internal update function. Once again, Asetek is making all changes to the software available on its website in the form of a detailed changelog.

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Demo (Video)

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