Trackmania – Spring 2024 author times / author medals

Trackmania – Spring 2024 author times / author medals

Winter in the Trackmania world is over and the new season is just around the corner: Spring 2024. A total of 25 new tracks in five different categories will be available from 2 April at 5 pm CEST. As a special goodie, Trackmania has teamed up with Formula E and is integrating a corresponding mode into the game.

Author times / Author medals

As always, the author medals are probably the most important thing for most drivers in the new season. To obtain these, you have to beat a specified time on each of the 25 tracks. While the times in the first categories in particular are still relatively easy, it will be a tough fight for as many medals as possible for all the non-pros among us when it comes to the other times. The following table shows the times in the five categories white, green, blue, red and black.


ImageTrack / MapAuthor time
Spring 2024 – 010:29.089
Spring 2024 – 020:36.744
Spring 2024 – 030:32.144
Spring 2024 – 040:28.344
Spring 2024 – 050:32.922


ImageTrack / MapAuthor time
Spring 2024 – 060:29.411
Spring 2024 – 070:35.732
Spring 2024 – 080:29.279
Spring 2024 – 090:32.663
Spring 2024 – 100:37.878


ImageTrack / MapAuthor time
Spring 2024 – 110:37.172
Spring 2024 – 120:41.838
Spring 2024 – 130:37.291
Spring 2024 – 140:43.988
Spring 2024 – 150:46.655


ImageTrack / MapAuthor time
Spring 2024 – 160:44.978
Spring 2024 – 170:50.224
Spring 2024 – 180:50.251
Spring 2024 – 190:35.814
Spring 2024 – 200:39.275


ImageTrack / MapAuthor time
Spring 2024 – 210:53.318
Spring 2024 – 221:00.706
Spring 2024 – 230:46.818
Spring 2024 – 241:01.001
Spring 2024 – 251:11.111

Trackmania X Formula E

Somewhat ahead of the new season, new content has also been added to the game since 23 March with the new partnership with Formula E. Players can compete on a total of three new tracks (Berlin, Tokyo and London) in a new game mode. This is based on the real Formula E races and includes, for example, a special attack mode that can be activated for one minute and thirty seconds to provide additional power.

The new mode is now available (for PC players) in the Formula E Club. There you can also qualify for the Trackmania Formula E Championship, which consists of a total of nine events.

Below is Adrienne Péchère’s statement on the new partnership:

“We are very honoured to welcome ABB FIA Formula E into Trackmania and to our 9 million registered users! From mastering energy management to strategically deploying Attack Mode, players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the largest electric racing championship and compete in Trackmania like never before. The virtual races will be happening during the same weekend of the official real races in Tokyo, Berlin and London. This will be the most immersive competition for Trackmania players and Formula fans.”

Adrienne Péchère, Ubisoft Nadeo Communications Director


There are a few polls again this time. In particular, the question about the most difficult map of the season is always a good indicator of which of the author medals was or is the greatest challenge.

Also interesting: the number of console players on our site is now higher than that of PC users. In terms of input methods, the controller continues to dominate, followed by keyboard control.

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