VoCore 5 inch Display MPRO with USB-C – First impression

VoCore 5 inch Display MPRO with USB-C – First impression

The company VoCore has become a well-established name, especially in the simracing DIY scene. This is because almost every current project with a display uses a VoCore screen, as they offer a lot of performance for comparatively little money. With the new generation, the manufacturer is finally introducing a USB-C port and improving the display in other ways too.

Ordering and shipping

There are currently two ways to order the new display. VoCore itself offers the display via its shop and ships it from China at a price of $53.88. Shipping costs (air freight: $6.00) as well as taxes and any customs duties must be added.

Alternatively, and with a little less potential hassle with customs, you can also purchase the display directly from Germany from 3D-Simgear. The display can be ordered here for 99€ + shipping

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The product tested here was provided by the retailer 3D-Simgear. No influence was exerted on the content of this article at any time.

Scope of delivery

Fans of a large scope of delivery will definitely not get their money’s worth here. Apart from the display wrapped in bubble wrap with the built-in circuit board, the box remains empty:

  • Display with built-in circuit board


Those familiar with VoCore displays will immediately notice from the specs that neither the size and resolution of the display nor the size of the entire structure differ from the previous model. What is new, however, is the higher refresh rate of 35 or 60 FPS (when only parts of the display are updated) compared to 24 (24bit) or 30 (16bit) previously. A USB-C port is also finally being used instead of the outdated micro-USB port.

SIZE119.3mm x 68.7mm x 3.6mm
DISPLAY SIZE109.6mm x 61.6mm
FRAME PER SECOND35(full draw)/60(partily draw)
TOUCH PADCapacitive, two points
DRIVERframebuffer, libusb


The display itself is also very similar to its predecessor. The frame around the visible area is also not symmetrical, but still very thin. A flexible ribbon cable connects the mainboard to the display, which now has a USB-C port. Caution is still required here to avoid ruining the display by bending the cable incorrectly.

The display impresses with a very high maximum brightness for the intended use (in practice, about half of the brightness is usually used) and an equally high usable viewing angle. As a nice extra, the display has a touchscreen that can be used to change dashboard pages, for example. You can get an impression of the good image quality in the Simhub integration section. This also shows that the resolution of 854 x 480 pixels is more than sufficient for a display of this size.


By far the most important feature of the VoCore displays for Simracer is the full support by Simhub. Simply install the appropriate driver (download) and the Dash is recognised directly by Simhub and the corresponding Simracing dashboards can be shown on the display without any further configuration.


Thanks to the same dimensions, the new version of the VoCore screen can still be used in most existing DIY projects without any problems. A variety of projects can be found here, for example:


The new 5-inch display from VoCore is the logical evolution of its predecessor. With now 35 respectively 60 FPS and a USB-C connection, it is catching up in the aspects where it needed to catch up without losing its previous strengths. There is currently no better offer for a display of this type up to €100. The full Simhub compatibility and wide availability for DIY projects in particular make it the undisputed number one at the moment.

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