Fanatec ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 Bundle now available

Fanatec ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 Bundle now available

Fanatec has introduced another PlayStation 5 compatible bundle and is now offering it for sale. At a price of 1299.95€ + shipping, you get the 15 Newton metres DD+ base and one of the popular F1 steering wheels in a new, previously unreleased design.


  • ClubSport Lenkrad F1® PS5
  • ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base
  • Netzteil (regional)
  • 4x T-Nutensteine für die Montage am Schienensystem
  • USB Kabel (Typ-C zu Typ-A)
  • Schnellanleitung (Quick Guide)
  • Tastenkappen im Racing-Stil


According to Fanatec, the Fanatec ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 Bundle is compatible with the following products:


  • This product is compatible with all PlayStation®4 consoles and PlayStation®5 consoles. 
  • This product is compatible with PC on all major racing games. 
  • Other platforms: Compatibility with other platforms depends on the used steering wheel. For more information, please check the product page of the steering wheel you plan to use. 

Please note: PC and other platform compatibility is tested by Fanatec, but not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. 


The ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base is compatible with: 

  • All Fanatec Steering Wheels* (*Older QR1 Steering Wheels without an exchangeable quick release require the QR1 Base-Side (Type-F) accessory.)
  • All Fanatec Pedals (adapter cables might be required on pedals without RJ12 connection) 
  • ClubSport Shifter (all versions) 
  • ClubSport Handbrake 
  • All Fanatec Cockpits 
  • ClubSport DD Table Clamp 
  • ClubSport Table Clamp V2 
  • Podium Mounting Brackets (the ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base includes M6 T-nuts for side-mounting; the Podium Mounting Brackets require the use of M6 bolts and washers) 

ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® PS5 – Features

The shape of the steering wheel included in the bundle is not unfamiliar and should be more than recognisable to every Fanatec user. With a diameter of 270 millimetres, it is comparatively small, but still offers a variety of features that hardly any other steering wheel in this price range has to offer: magnetic paddle shifters are installed as well as RGB LEDs, a small OLED display and a large number of buttons. This time, Fanatec has opted for a smooth leather cover for the grips, while a 5-millimetre-thick blue carbon fibre plate was used for the front.

  • Officially licensed by Formula 1®
  • Officially licensed for PlayStation®5 (compatibility is achieved via the Wheel Base)
  • Unique to ClubSport Racing Wheel F1® package, not sold separately
  • F1®-style steering wheel with a compact 270 mm diameter for fast movements and reactions
  • Strong, 5 mm-thick blue carbon fibre front plate; unique finish to each wheel
  • Genuine leather grips (perforated for breathability)
  • ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module preinstalled
    • 3 mm-thick, black anodised aluminium paddle plates
    • Paddle module cage made of diecast and CNC machined aluminium
    • Neodymium magnets
  • QR2 Wheel-Side preinstalled
    • Diecast aluminium with CNC-machined and black anodised finish
    • Precision fit means you feel all the detail of FullForce technology
  • 11 buttons plus four paddles with ultra-reliable switches
  • Two 2-way toggle switches
  • Two 12-way multi-position switches with encoder functionality
  • 7-way FunkySwitch™: left, right, up, and down directional inputs, push button, and rotary encoder functionality
  • Analogue joystick
  • Two thumb encoders easily reachable while driving without releasing the grips
  • RevLEDs with nine multi-colour LEDs to show motor RPM and optimal shifting point as games program through the Fanatec SDK
  • Two FlagLEDs with three multi-colour LEDs each to indicate tyre slip, flag warnings, pit limiter, and more, as games program through the Fanatec SDK
  • 1″ 128×64 white OLED display to show telemetry data like speed or gear as games program through the Fanatec SDK
  • Tuning functions with OLED display to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay
  • Racing-style button caps included

Preis und Verfügbarkeit

Das Paket aus Base und Lenkrad kann ab sofort direkt bei Fanatec zu einem Preis von 1299.95€ + Versand bestellt werden. Das Set ist laut Fanatec direkt auf Lager und wird innerhalb einer Woche verschickt.

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