Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme now available

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme now available

Ohne große Vorankündigung hat Fanatec auf seiner Website ein neues Gran Turismo Bundle zum Kauf freigeschaltet. Es besteht aus einer DD+ Wheel Base (15 Newtonmeter) und einem neuen Lenkrad im Gran Turismo Design und kann ab sofort zum Preis von 1299,95€ + Versand bestellt werden.

Steering wheel for Gran Turismo® DD Extreme – Features

When listing the features of the new Gran Turismo wheel, some improvements and differences to the steering wheel of the DD Pro bundle are immediately apparent. Fanatec has now installed a 2.7-inch OLED display, as already known from the Podium Button Module Endurance. In addition, the steering wheel is now significantly larger (300 millimetres in diameter instead of 280 millimetres) and, in addition to the magnetic paddle shifters, is equipped with two analogue paddles that can be operated in four different modes, as is usual with Fanatec.

Fanatec specifies the following features on the website:

  • Designed in collaboration with Polyphony Digital 
  • Officially licensed for PlayStation®5 (compatibility is achieved via the Wheel Base) 
  • Premium vegan leather grip gives it the look and feel of a GT road car 
  • 300 mm diameter is suitable for many different vehicles 
  • 2.7” OLED display for Tuning Menu access and Intelligent Telemetry Mode (where supported) 
  • 19 RGB LEDs (programmable on PC with FanaLab)
    • Diffused RGB RevLED strip 
    • RGB FlagLEDs 
    • RGB LED rings around the directional sticks 
  • 7-way FunkySwitch: left, right, up, and down directional inputs, push button, and rotary encoder functionality 
  • Four 5-way directional sticks designed for Gran Turismo® 
  • Magnetic shifter paddles for superior tactile response
    • 3 mm-thick, black anodised aluminium paddle plates 
    • Neodymium magnets 
  • Two analogue clutch paddles with four switchable modes:
    • Clutch bite-point mode (standard/advanced) 
    • Clutch/handbrake mode 
    • Brake/throttle mode (allows driving without pedals connected) 
    • Mappable axis mode 
  • 11 buttons optimised for the PlayStation® interface 
  • Designed for QR2 from the ground up
    • The Steering Wheel for Gran Turismo® DD Extreme was developed in parallel with the QR2 Lite Wheel-Side, allowing it to operate at the full 15 Nm torque performance from the ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base 
    • Precision fit means you feel all the detail of FullForce technology 

Scope of delivery

  • Lenkrad für Gran Turismo® DD Extreme 
  • ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base 
  • Netzteil (regional) 
  • 4x T-Nutensteine für die Montage am Schienensystem 
  • USB Kabel (Typ-C zu Typ-A) 
  • Schnellanleitung (Quick Guide) 


The ClubSport DD Wheel Base is compatible with the following products:


  • This product is compatible with all PlayStation®4 consoles and PlayStation®5 consoles. 
  • This product is compatible with PC on all major racing games. 
  • Other platforms: Compatibility with other platforms depends on the used steering wheel. For more information, please check the product page of the steering wheel you plan to use. 

Please note: PC and other platform compatibility is tested by Fanatec, but not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. 


The ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base is compatible with: 

  • All Fanatec Steering Wheels* (*Older QR1 Steering Wheels without an exchangeable quick release require the QR1 Base-Side (Type-F) accessory.)
  • All Fanatec Pedals (adapter cables might be required on pedals without RJ12 connection) 
  • ClubSport Shifter (all versions) 
  • ClubSport Handbrake 
  • All Fanatec Cockpits 
  • ClubSport DD Table Clamp 
  • ClubSport Table Clamp V2 
  • Podium Mounting Brackets (the ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base includes M6 T-nuts for side-mounting; the Podium Mounting Brackets require the use of M6 bolts and washers) 

Note: ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles are not supported. 

Price and availability

The package consisting of base and steering wheel can now be ordered directly from Fanatec at a price of 1299.95€ + shipping. As of today (09.02.2024), the set is available directly from stock and should therefore arrive at the customer within about a week.

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