Sim Formula Europe 2024 – Impressions and pictures

Sim Formula Europe 2024 – Impressions and pictures

Sim Formula Europe took place from 11 to 14 January in Maastricht once again this year. Around 20 exhibitors presented new products, innovative sim racing hardware and much more over an area of 3,000 square metres.

Actoracer / Simagic

Simulationstechnik Lingnau was on site again this year with its motion simulators (called Actoracer), which are operated with simracing hardware from Simagic.


The Danish manufacturer Asetek is developing more and more into a major player in the simracing world. The range on site was correspondingly wide. Various rigs were available for testing the hardware.


As a manufacturer from the Netherlands, CoffeeRacer could of course not be missed at the trade fair, where they presented their innovative solutions for creative rig designs in the style of traditional furniture.

Cube Controls

Cube Controls presented some of its new steering wheels this year, in particular the Cube Controls GTX2 Steering Wheel with integrated screen.


ImSim Simulation celebrated a premiere at the trade fair and presented its new Garra Motion Simulator for the first time.


The journey to the trade fair was also short for O-Rouge from Belgium. Unique rigs, especially the kart rig, characterised the stand and invited visitors to drive and try them out. A prototype of the soon to be available steering wheel was also shown that day.

Referox / Tuatara

Referox and Tuatara shared a booth. While Referox presented its new rigs and, above all, its simulator with its own Formula chassis, Tuatara provided the appropriate clothing in the form of sim racing gloves and socks.


Simlab was also on site with a small stand consisting of two Simrigs. Here, the latest hardware from the Dutch manufacturer could be extensively tested.


Simrep showed a mixture of DIY hardware and their own products. The Cosworth CCW MK2 Pro Sim Wheel in particular was a real eye-catcher.

Simucube / Home of Simracing

Simucube was on site together with Home of Simracing, who provided the motion rigs at the booth. Simracers were able to try out the Simucube hardware and, of course, the Active Pedals in particular.


Simwear is a Belgian distributor for simracing hardware. On site they showed a part of their assortment, especially hardware from Simagic, VPG and Conspit.

The Last Garage

The Last Garage by Marcel Offermans was another premiere on site. The simracing engine could be tested extensively and delivered impressive results even at an early stage.

Trak Racer

Trak Racer probably had the most surprising appearance at the trade fair and presented a whole range of upcoming innovations. More on this in a separate article: Trak Racer prototypes: Wheel bases, steering wheels, pedals and peripherals

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