MOZA SGP Sequential Shifter revealed

MOZA SGP Sequential Shifter revealed

The MOZA Racing line-up is slowly but surely being completed. The SGP Sequential Shifter can now be pre-ordered in the MOZA shop and will be delivered from 20 February.

Shifter and Features

After getting a first look at the prototype of the MOZA SGP Sequential Shifter at Gamescom 2023 (link to article), the basic design of the shifter was no big surprise. It has an aluminium housing and is very compact at 320mm x 182mm x 52mm; in combination with the mounting plate on the underside of the shifter, it should be easy to attach to most rigs.

The MOZA SGP Sequential Shifter is characterised by the following features:

  • Additional function via lever: The shifter has an additional lever at the front. This can be used, for example, to reach the neutral position of the gearbox without having to shift through all gears.
  • Two additional buttons: In addition to the lever, two RGB-illuminated buttons are integrated into the housing. These can be freely assigned and their colours adjusted in the MOZA software (eight different colours are possible).
  • Operation via Hall sensor: The main functionality of the shifter is realised via a Hall sensor. MOZA promises “high stability without wear, which guarantees constant and reliable shifting over a long period of time”.
  • Adjustability: The shifter can be adjusted both in height and in the force required for shifting. The gear knob can also be replaced.
  • Connectivity: For operation, the shifter can either be connected to the PC via a USB cable or directly to a MOZA Base via the transit port.

Price and availability

The shifter can now be pre-ordered directly from MOZA Racing at a price of €139. Depending on the country, shipping costs, taxes and customs duties may apply. Shipping is planned for 20 February.


Dimensions320mm x 182mm x 52mm
Housing MaterialAerospace-grade aluminum alloy and high-strength steel
Lever MaterialAerospace-grade aluminum alloy
Knob MaterialAerospace-grade aluminum alloy
Adjustable DamperYES
Multi-functional HandleYES
Backlit Buttons2
Choice of Colors8
Height Adjustment Range64mm
Height Adjustment RangeForward or reverse
Connection MethodUSB direct connection to PC or compatible MOZA bases
Shifter Knob ThreadM12 x 1.5

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