Turtle Beach unveils VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach unveils VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Somewhat surprisingly and without much advance notice, the American manufacturer Turtle Beach has presented a complete system for Xbox and PC. The VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System combines a base with steering wheel and pedals, an external button box and an integrated dashboard. The aim is to stand out from the major competition in the entry-level sector.

VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Most sim racers will be puzzled by the name Turtle Beach, as the manufacturer is only known to most people for its headsets, gamepads and joystick solutions. With the VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System, however, this is set to change, as Turtle Beach promises a complete set unlike anything else on the market. In addition to the usual steering wheel and pedal components, the company is taking a rather unusual approach here. At first glance, a dashboard integrated into the base and a button box that can be mounted on both sides promise more features than the competition currently offers in one package.


Turtle Beach has already revealed some details about the new set on its product page. For example, a Loadcell is used for the brake, as is currently used in most pedals. An “ultra-realistic K: Drive™ force feedback motor” is used for the base:

Feel every moment of a race with a custom direct-drive force feedback motor tuned for high-fidelity kinetic response. The K: Drive™ force feedback motor is adjustable on-the-fly to achieve detailed force response that enhance the realism of a virtual track in popular racing sim titles. Plus, the direct-drive design gives you a low latency response for an accurate feel of on track events and keeps you tuned-in to the performance of your car.


The other product images suggest that the drive concept is a motor comparable to the current DDs, which is hidden behind the relatively large cover. Unfortunately, it is not yet known how many Newton metres the base will offer.

You can also take a first look at the software with which the features of the base can be controlled. Turtle Beach promises 10 slots for customised profiles and the output of telemetry data in real time. This will certainly also determine how the base will perform on the market. Compatibility will be a key factor here.

Prices and availability

The bundle can now be pre-ordered directly from Turtle Beach at a price of €699.99 + shipping. The manufacturer states the availability date as 26 February 2024. It is not yet known whether the set will also be sold via Amazon and Co. at a later date.

Scope of delivery

  • VelocityOne™ Race Wheelbase
  • VelocityOne™ Race Wheel Module
  • VelocityOne™ Race Pedal Unit
  • VelocityOne™ Control Unit™
  • (10) Pedal Stability Pads
  • 10ft / 2.5m USB-C to USB-A Main Cable, 8ft / 2.5m USB-C to USB-C Pedal Cable, 0.65 ft / 0.2m VCU Cable
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Adjustment Tool
  • (7) Sim Frame Screws
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Connections
    • Pedals: USB-C to USB-C Pass-Through Connection to the Racing Wheel
    • Racing Wheel: USB-C to USB-A Connection to Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One, Windows PCs
  • Companion App
    • Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Tuner Companion App for additional product features & customization. Available for Xbox, PC, iOS, and Android.
  • Firmware Updates
    • Use the VelocityOne™ Tuner companion app to easily update your firmware to get the best possible performance.
  • Mounting Options (Wheel):
    • Low-profile clamp, or pre-drilled holes and mounting screws
  • Mounting Options (Pedals):
    • Pre-drilled holes and mounting screws, or rubber pads
  • Expansion Ports:
    • (4) USB-C Expansion Ports
  • Product Weight (kg/lbs.):
    • Wheel: 1.36kg / 3lbs.
    • Base: 820/1.81
    • Control Panel: 0.24kg / 0.53lbs.
    • Pedals: 4kg / 8.82lbs.
  • Product Dimensions (mm/in)
    • Wheel: 300 x 266.1 x 110.2 / 11.81” x 10.48” x 4.34”
    • Base: 303 x 310 x 234.6 / 11.93” x 12.20” x 9.24”
    • Control Panel: 107.5 x 132.3 x 83.3 / 4.23” x 5.21” x 3.28”
    • Pedals: 415.01 x 330 x 223.4 / 16.34” x 12.99” 8.80”


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