Trak Racer prototypes: Wheel bases, steering wheels, pedals and peripherals

Trak Racer prototypes: Wheel bases, steering wheels, pedals and peripherals

As part of Sim Formula Europe (11 – 14 January in Maastricht), Trak Racer surprisingly presented a whole range of upcoming products. In addition to the products already shown as early stage prototypes last year, two direct drive wheel bases (6 and 14 Newton metres), loadcell pedals with integrated rumble motors and their own monitors were also presented this time.

Wheel Bases

The biggest highlight and at the same time probably the biggest surprise were the two direct drive wheel bases, which could be tested on site. As a special feature, the larger model has two RGB LED strips (still in the prototype stage), which displayed the RPM. The base also has a port for pedals on the back, to which pedals from well-known suppliers on the market can most likely also be connected directly.

Steering wheels

In addition to the base, a prototype steering wheel in GT/Formula style with an integrated display and a round steering wheel for rally and co. were also shown. The display and the LEDs of the Formula Wheel are controlled directly by Trak Racer’s own software. On the back, magnetic paddle shifters and a double clutch were of course included.


The new Loadcell pedals could also be tried out on site. The highlight is the vibration motors integrated into the pedal arms, which can be controlled via the Trak Racer software. Even though these were not yet activated on the prototypes, they are likely to prove to be a very popular feature in the future.

Shifter and handbrake

A handbrake and a sequential gearstick with variable force complete the simracing hardware.


In addition to the simracing hardware, there was also the opportunity to take a first look at the upcoming monitors directly from Trak Racer:

  • 49 inch (32:9) with a resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels
  • 34 inch (21:9) with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels
  • 16:9 monitor for triple screen setups


Of course, there was also news regarding the rigs. The TR8 rig was presented in white for the first time and a new version of the TR160 rig was also unveiled. The latter makes it possible to mount the main profiles normally or mirror-inverted. This gives you either a cleaner look or more mounting options on the rig.


Release and prices

Trak Racer did not want to give any details on the market launch dates of the individual products. However, it can be assumed that some prototypes will be ready for the market as early as 2024, while others will not be launched until 2025. Prices have also not yet been announced.

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