Simagic GT Neo steering wheel revealed

Simagic GT Neo steering wheel revealed

With the GT Neo Steering Wheel, the Chinese manufacturer Simagic recently presented its first steering wheel in the budget class. Despite the illuminated buttons, dual clutch and many other function buttons, it is significantly cheaper than the manufacturer’s previous line-up at a price of 289 dollars (excluding tax and shipping).

Compatibility / USB connection

Probably the biggest innovation compared to the manufacturer’s previous products is the ability to connect the GT Neo Steering Wheel directly to the PC via an optional USB cable. The cable is magnetic, as known from Cube Controls, for example, and should therefore be very convenient to use. If the steering wheel is operated directly on a Simagic Base, there is no need for the cable and the power and data transfer is wireless.

Materials and features

Simagic has opted for a diameter of 300 millimetres, which should come very close to the preference of most Simracers and, in combination with the silicone grips fitted, should provide a good level of comfort. The main material used is a carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, which according to Simagic should offer a good compromise between stiffness and weight:

High-strength carbon fiber composites Achieving the perfect balance of lightweight and strength When agility combines with rigidity It’s the best combination you can ever ask for

In addition to the two shifters and the dual clutch, the steering wheel has the following buttons:

  • 10 RGB Buttons
  • 4 Rotarys
  • 2 Thumb Encoder
  • 2 7-way funky switches

Prices and availability

The steering wheel is advertised by Simagic with a recommended retail price of $289, whereby this is the price excluding shipping costs, taxes and any customs duties. In Germany (+Europe), the steering wheel can be obtained from various distributors, e.g. from our partner Sim-Motion in Germany. The price here is €349 + shipping. Availability is stated here as 9 February, although experience has shown that a few days safety buffer should be planned.

Technical data

  • Diameter of 300 mm.
  • Carbon fiber composite.
  • Ergonomically designed silicone grip for many hours of driving without
  • muscle fatigue.
  • Module of 4 aluminum cams (2 magnetic gear shift cams + 2 clutch cams
  • for double clutch).
  • Configurable RGB LED.
  • 2 lateral rotary encoders accessible with the thumbs made of aluminum.
  • 10 RGB illumination buttons.
  • 4 front Rotary encoders made of aluminum.
  • Quick Release of our own manufacture, stable and free of backlash.
  • Button stickers for maximum customization.
  • Exclusive use of PC.
  • Full compatibility with the Simagic ecosystem.
  • Compatible with other bases on the market with Maglink cable via USB to PC. (Works as an external device)* (optional) – not included.

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