MOZA Racing unveils new versions of the R16 and R21 Wheel Base

MOZA Racing unveils new versions of the R16 and R21 Wheel Base

MOZA Racing has redesigned its two most powerful direct drive wheel bases, the R16 and the R21. The manufacturer promises a new era of precision, performance and versatility for virtual racing enthusiasts.

Force feedback improvements

According to MOZA, both wheel bases will receive significant improvements in the area of force feedback, called NextGen Force 2.0:

The R16/21 DD base now integrates MOZA’s cutting-edge force feedback filtering algorithm, providing an immersive experience with lifelike oversteer and understeer sensations.

MOZA Racing

Further details have not yet been published. As soon as more information is known, Simracing-PC will report on this in detail.

Front Mount

A new feature that is sure to please many users are the additional threads on the front of the base for fitting a front mount. With the additional MOZA front mounting bracket, it will also be possible to mount the base sideways on the rig of choice. This will make positioning much more flexible in future, making the two bases much more attractive, especially for formula rigs.

Additional ports

In addition to the new mounting option, the revised version also offers significantly more ports. Whereas previously there was only one port for the E-Stop Switch in addition to the ports for the USB cable and the power supply unit, four new ports have now been added. This means that the two most powerful wheel bases in the MOZA line-up now fit much more seamlessly into the manufacturer’s growing ecosystem.

Pricing and ordering

While the new wheel bases have some new features, the prices remain unchanged. For Europe, this results in a price of €869 (R16 Wheel Base) or €1099 (R21 Wheel Base), to which local taxes, shipping costs and any customs duties will be added if purchased directly from the MOZA Racing Shop.

R16 Wheel Base: 

$799.00 | €869.00 | £799.00 | AUD 1,399.00 | JPY 119,800.00

R21 Wheel Base: 

$999.00 | €1,099.00 | £999.00 | AUD 1,699.00 | JPY 149,800.00

The manufacturer provided Simracing-PC with a press release / information in advance. There was no obligation to publish, nor was the content of the article determined or influenced by the manufacturer.

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