Asetek Q&A – Invicta Wheel, Upgrade Kits, La Prima QR and more

Asetek Q&A – Invicta Wheel, Upgrade Kits, La Prima QR and more

André Eriksen, CEO of Asetek, answered questions from the community for around an hour in a livestream today. We summarize the most important questions and share some background information.

Asetek Invicta Wheel

Some of the most frequently asked questions certainly concerned the upcoming Invicta Formula Wheel from Asetek. Even though Eriksen did not yet want to show the prototype in the stream (we were able to take a first look at the steering wheel behind closed doors at Simracing Expo 2023), there were still some interesting details about the upcoming high-end steering wheel:

  • Release Q2 / Q3 2024
  • “Nice” display
  • Materials: aluminum and carbon
  • Design based on the Invicta pedals
  • Prototype is already operational

La Prima QR

The first details of the planned La Prima QR were also revealed for the first time. This will be cheaper due to the elimination of the electronics and the various extensions (there will only be one length), but will not offer the advantage of the pass-through USB port.

Wheel Base / Steering Wheel Upgrade Kits

Another frequently asked question concerns the release of the upgrade kits for the La Prima Wheel Base and the steering wheels.

The following procedure is planned for the base.

  • Removal of the PCB by the user and shipment to Asetek.
  • Exporting the calibration from the PCB (motor and PCB are always individually calibrated to each other) and transferring it to the upgrade PCB.
  • Dispatch of PCB and new power supply unit to the user.
  • Installation by the user.

A similar procedure is planned for the upgrade of steering wheels. It remains to be seen how the type of replacement will affect the price of the upgrades.

LMP Grips for Formula Wheels

At the Simracing Expo, we were able to take a first look at the new LMP grips for the two Formula Wheels. These will be presented in Q1 2024 and are initially available in a rubber version, as known from the previous Formula Wheels grips.

Shifter / Handbrake

A coming shifter and handbrake were also briefly mentioned. These are planned for 2024, after a first vague draft of a handbrake was shown at the Simracing Expo 2022. Details have not yet been provided.

Button Caps / Sticker Set

Button caps or stickers for the Formula Wheels and Button Boxes are also popular with the community. Both are planned for 2024: Button Caps in different colors as well as white stickers for the La Prima models.

New mounts

Two new brackets were briefly presented at the beginning of the Q&A. One (picture left) will be compatible with the side mounting points of Fanatec’s DD1 / DD2, the other is intended for mounting on e.g. aluminum profiles. Both brackets are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2024.

QR Extension

For the first time, we were also able to take a look at the upcoming QR extension, which was still completely milled from aluminum. It features a mount for the Asetek wheels and is attached to the QR of the wheel base itself (it is loosened with an Allen key). The length will correspond approximately to the middle extension of the Invicta QR. This should make it possible to use both Asetek steering wheels and steering wheels from other manufacturers at the same distance from the base. This also makes it possible to position the monitor between the base and the steering wheel.

ABS system

Although the often requested ABS system (the pictures show a prototype at the Simracing Expo 2022) is still on Asetek’s roadmap, it is not a priority for the Danish manufacturer. Accordingly, there is no planned release date for this either.

Racehub 3.0

The upcoming third version of Asetek’s software was also mentioned several times along the way. It is set to contain a total of 25 new features, including custom profiles for various vehicles and extended control of the RGB LEDs.

External dashboard

An external dashboard is also in the pipeline. The aim is to be able to mount this directly on the base. However, further details on the dashboard and a release date have not yet been announced.

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Further questions and answers

Will there be smaller steering wheel rims for the button boxes in the future?
Yes, there will be other sizes in the future.

Will there be an upgrade display for the Forte Wheel?
No. (Reference is made to upcoming external displays)

What is the next big challenge for Asetek Simsports?
The biggest challenge for the future is to build on the success of the first two years and continue to scale the business.

Where do you want Asetek Simsports to be in the next few years?
Asetek wants to continue to bring innovation to the simracing world.

Will there be individual parts instead of upgrade kits?
This is not planned as it is too complicated.

Are additional force feedback elements comparable to Fanatec / Logitech planned?
No, with reference to the in-house FFB, which is the benchmark and will be further optimized.

Will there be XL LMP grips?
Still unclear due to possible lack of clearance in the thumb area.

Will there be metal shifter paddles?
No, but carbon Invicta paddles are planned for the La Prima / Forte wheels.

Will there be a button plate with a 70mm bolt circle?

What is the life expectancy of a DD base / does the FFB get weaker over time?
The force feedback remains the same, the life expectancy is nothing to worry about.

Is a Simrig / seats planned?
Prototypes are available, but are currently not a priority (2025+).

Will there be new bundles?
Yes, with the launch of the new webshop. There will then also be a configurator.

Will there be console compatibility?
“Working on it.”

Will there be an Asetek VR headset?
Unlikely, at most as a cooperation.

Will there be larger paddles for the button boxes in the future?

Will there be gloves from Asetek?
They are on the radar but not yet fully developed.

Q&A video

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