Simracing Black Friday 2023 Deals

Simracing Black Friday 2023 Deals

Black Friday 2023 is just around the corner and the simracing shops are slowly but surely getting into a discount mood. Here you will find a continuously updated list of offers for Black Friday 2023 featuring sim racing products until the end of November. If you find any offers that are missing here, please leave a comment.


3DRapSeveral Deals✔️3DRap
Amazon DESeveral Deals all Week long✔️Amazon DE
Ascher RacingWheels, SC-Bases, Bundles✔️Ascher Racing
AliexpressSimjack Pro Pedals✔️I7MISE2VGU7HAliexpress
Asetek EU50% off accessories and apparel
25% off Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals
✔️simracingpc (-5%)Asetek
Asetek Global50% off accessories and apparel
25% off Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals
✔️simracingpc (-5%)Asetek
Asetek US50% off accessories and apparel
25% off Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals
✔️simracingpc (-5%)Asetek
BavarianSimTec5% off everything✔️BLACKFRIDAYBavarianSimTec
Cube Controls5 – 20% off wheels and pedals✔️Cube Controls
Delta Sim Technologies10% off Delta EVO + Asetek Base Bundles✔️Delta Sim Technologies
Esportsim20% off Formula Steering Wheel Series 3✔️Esportsim
Fanatec DEDeals every day✔️Fanatec
Fanatec EUDeals every day✔️Fanatec
Fanatec USDeals every day✔️Fanatec
GRID Engineering10% off RSR, MPX and DDU10✔️GRID Engineering
GT OmegaUp to 40% off✔️GT Omega
iRacingThis year all one and two year renewals are 25%, new users can sign up for 50% off✔️PR-BFEM231Y
Lovely Stickers30% off everything✔️BLACKFRIDAY23 Lovely Stickers
MOZAUp to 15% off✔️MOZA
P1sim10% off everything✔️P1sim
Podium1Racing15% off all Turn-Key-Systems✔️Podium1Racing
Precision Sim Engineering20% off all products exepct PSP✔️Precision Sim Engineering
RacingCockpitsCockpit + Monitor Stands✔️RacingCockpits
SimagicAlpha Mini DD + Bundles✔️Simagic
Sim-Motion DESImagic, MOZA, AlphaSimTec, LeoXZ, VNM✔️Sim-Motion
SimetikVoucher on accessories when purchasing a cockpit✔️Simetik
Simlab10% off everything✔️Simlab
SimlineUp to 70% off✔️Simline
Simraceshop10% – 36% off✔️SimRaceShop
SimRep EngineeringP9XX Sim Wheel + DDUXX1 Bundle✔️SimRep Engineering
Simucube US10% off Bundle✔️Simucube
Simucube EU10% off Bundle✔️Simucube
SOELPECSpectra XR: €1499 > €1349 XR-5 Display: €359 > €305✔️SOELPEC
SRP10% off Handbrake + Pedals✔️SRP
Track TimeSimulators & Motion Kits, Rigs & Parts✔️Track Time
Track Titan50% off anual subsciptions for new users✔️BLACKFRIDAYTT
Track Titan
Trak Racer EU15% of all Trak Racer products✔️Trak Racer
Trak Racer US15% of all Trak Racer products✔️Trak Racer
Turn Racing10% off everything, 15% off BP2 Bundles✔️Turn Racing
VENYM10% off everything✔️VENYM10VENYM


UPDATE: Fanatec is offering different deals every day until 24 November. You can find all information here: Fanatec – 2023 Black Friday Deals

There has been no official announcement from Fanatec yet, but it can be assumed that Fanatec will once again be offering deals with up to 30% discount. A possible new, probably limited product could be, for example, the Formula Wheel, which was shown at the Simracing Expo 2023 in a new colour combination.

  • Fanatec usually does not run sales or special prices throughout the year. There is one day per year when we sell products at a discount, and this is Black Friday.
  • There will be only one or two products (bundles or individual products) on discount. There will never be a general discount of X% on all products or free shipping. This would just accumulate most sales to this one day and create massive handling and logistic problems.
  • The discounted products will be popular sellers, but unlikely to be newly launched products or products we’ve had on sale before.
  • The discount will be significant and in the range of 20% to 30%.
  • On top of the discounted products, we might sell a limited edition with special colours or better materials like the Shifter with Carbon Fibre knobs this year which als has a price advantage of about 30%.
  • We might also use Black Friday to launch a new product without discount.


Asetek is focussing on accessories this year. From 20th November to 26th November, all accessories as well as caps, shoes and the mouse pad are reduced by a whopping 50%. In addition, Asetek is offering a 25% discount on the Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals.


Simlab is offering classic discounts this year. The supplier is discounting by 10% across the board. In addition to the popular rigs, the offers also include the recently released Loadcell pedals as well as monitor mounts and other accessories.

Trak Racer

This year Trak Racer is offering a 15% discount on all its own products in the shop. These include cockpits, seats, monitor mounts and accessories for rigs.

Ascher Racing / Track Time

Ascher Racing is offering various steering wheels, bases and bundles with the following discounts between the 20th of November and the 3rd of December:

F64 V315%
F28-SC V215%
SC2 Pro10%
SC2 Pro + F64-USB/SC V315%
SC2 Pro + F28-SC V215%
SC2 Pro + B16M/L-USB15%
SC2 Pro + B24M/L-SC15%
SC2 Pro + Sport-SC6%
SC2 Pro + Pro-SC5%
DDU 4″10%
DDU 5″10%

Track Time is offering an additional 10% discount on Simulators & Motion Kits and 25% discount on Rigs & Parts between the 20th November and 24th November.


Der deutsche Shop für Simracing-Hardware Sim-Motion bietet auch dieses Jahr wieder ein breit gefächertes Angebot zwischen dem 17. November und dem 24. November.

ProductBF 2023 discount
Simagic Alpha Mini40€
Simagic Alpha50€
Simagic Alpha Ultimate60€
Simagic P1000 Standard 3-Pedal Set40€
Simagic P2000 Standard 3-Pedal Set 100Kg40€
Simagic P2000 Standard 2-Pedal Set 100Kg30€
Simagic GTS Wheel Leather50€
Simagic GTS Wheel Alcantara50€
Simagic GTC Wheel Alcantara40€
VNM Simulation Shifter20€
VNM Handbrake V1 – Basic Bundle20€
VNM 3-Pedal Set50€
VNM 2-Pedal Set30€
VNM LITE-3-Pedal Set40€
VNM LITE-2-Pedal Set30€
AlphaTecRacing Dashboard Formula40€
MOZA R5 bundle40€
MOZA R9 V2 wheelbase30€
MOZA R12 wheelbase30€
MOZA FSR Wheel40€
MOZA CRP-Pedals30€
All LeoXZ Products10% off

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