Simracing Expo 2023 Part 4

Simracing Expo 2023 Part 4

The presentation of the exhibitors at this year’s Simracing Expo goes into the fourth round. This time, Acelith, CoffeeRacer, DeltaSimTech, MME and SimRaceShop are part of the line-up.


First up is Acelith, a relatively small manufacturer from Italy, which has so far been known mainly for its add-ons to well-known steering wheels such as G923, T300 or Fanatec products. At the Expo, a button plate and a complete Formula-style steering wheel were also shown for the first time.


CoffeeRacer was there for the second time after 2022. The Dutch manufacturer builds innovative wheelstands that can be transformed into living room furniture in just a few steps and can be equipped with wooden panels as decorative elements, for example. At the trade fair, the company even gave an impressive demonstration of how stable such a wheelstand can be in combination with pedals from Heusinkveld and a Simucube wheelbase.


DeltaSimTech was a guest at GridAndGo and showed a prototype of their soon to be released DELTA-EVO steering wheel on site.

MME Simsport

MME Simsport from Slovenia showed a range of shifters, handbrakes and some additional accessories like their QR replacement for the Fanatec DD base. The manufacturer’s motorsport background was omnipresent.


The SimRaceShop had a prominent booth at this year’s Expo and you could try out a lot of hardware, test it on different rigs and also buy it on the spot. In addition to some rigs and, among other things, the active pedals from Simucube, the German shop also showed its BMW racing car.

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