Fanatec ClubSport DD+ for PlayStation and PC now available for pre-order

Fanatec ClubSport DD+ for PlayStation and PC now available for pre-order

In addition to the ClubSport DD, which has already been available for pre-order since the Simracing Expo 2023, the sister model is now also available for pre-order. The ClubSport DD+ is now available in the Fanatec shop at a price of 999.95€ + shipping and will be shipped from mid-December.

The wait for PlayStation users is over

While Xbox users have always only had to look out for compatible steering wheels, a compatible base must be used for the PlayStation. Since the PS4 DD1 version is no longer available, users could either buy the CSL DD Pro or had to buy it on the second-hand market. With the ClubSport DD+, users now finally have the option of purchasing a high end DD directly from Fanatec again.

Base with 15 Newton metres and QR2

The new wheelbase has a strength of 15 Newton metres, which, according to Fanatec, can be fully utilised even over very long periods of time thanks to a particularly efficient motor. The base is also equipped with the new QR2 (base-side). Users who already own Fanatec steering wheels should bear this in mind and upgrade them if necessary.


  • Officially licensed for PlayStation®5 consoles and PlayStation®4 consoles
  • Direct Drive servo motor
    • Custom-designed in Germany for the ClubSport DD+ specifically for sim racing
    • 15 Nm consistent torque
    • Optimised skew angle on rotor magnets reduces cogging torque
    • Patented, exclusive FluxBarrier technology improves motor efficiency and smoothness
  • FullForce technology
    • New force feedback protocol developed for Fanatec Direct Drive
    • Super low-latency detail effects through fine motor frequency control
  • Passively cooled Wheel Base
    • Most thermally stable Wheel Base in its class
    • Consistent performance under the most extreme conditions
  • QR2
    • Wheel Base optimised for QR2 from the ground-up
    • Electronics module integrated with shaft
    • Diecast aluminium with CNC-machined finish
    • Motorsport-derived quick release system
    • QR1 downgrade possible (sold separately)
  • Works out-of-the-box on Windows PC and PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 consoles
  • Full Fanatec SDK support ensures compatibility out of the box for all major racing games
  • Standard Tuning Menu allows beginners to get started quickly without having to worry about settings
  • Advanced Tuning Menu allows enthusiasts to fine-tune the force feedback characteristics to suit their driving preferences
  • High-resolution (contactless) Hall-position-sensor
  • Rotation: 2520 degrees (electronically limited, adjustable)
  • Slip ring system (life-tested for thousands of hours) provides cable-free delivery of power and data between Steering Wheel and Wheel Base without the need for a mechanical limiter (allows for high steering angle settings)
  • Compatible with entire Fanatec ecosystem (see Compatibility section for details)
  • T-nut rail system on sides and bottom for easily adjustable hard-mounting
  • Ports:
    • Power supply
    • USB-C to PC / console
    • Shifter 1
    • Shifter 2 (Sequential only)
    • Pedals
    • Handbrake
    • CAN (for future Fanatec peripherals)
  • Front-mounted threaded inserts for future Fanatec accessories. Not intended for front-mounting the wheel base to a sim racing chassis/cockpit.

Scope of delivery

  • ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base
  • Power Supply (regional)
  • 4x T-nuts for rail mount system
  • USB cable (Type-C to Type-A)
  • Quick Guide

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