Ascher Racing: McLaren Artura Steering Wheels – Roadmap

Ascher Racing: McLaren Artura Steering Wheels – Roadmap

During last year’s Simracing Expo you could already take a first look at the steering wheels from Ascher Racing, which were created in cooperation with McLaren. Now Ascher Racing has presented the roadmap for the release of the steering wheels in the shops.

Roadmap starts in November

The SC2 Sport and Pro variants of the Artura steering wheel will kick off in November. These can only be used with a Simucube* base. Both are equipped with two Funkys and illuminated buttons. The Pro variant additionally offers several encoders.

First USB variants Q2 2024

Users of a Wheelbase from another manufacturer will have to be patient for the time being. The SC2 models will not be followed by their USB counterparts until the second quarter of 2024.

Artura GT4 / Ultimate

The last two steering wheels of the series will also be available in Q2 / 2024. The Ultimate variant is additionally equipped with a VoCore screen as well as various LEDs for the RPM and other effects.

Prices and pre-order

Prices are now known as well. They will start at 799€ and will end at 1,499€:

  • Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport-SC: 839€
  • Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Pro-SC: 1.169€
  • Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport-USB: 799€
  • Ascher Racing McLaren Artura GT4: 799€
  • Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Pro-USB: 1.129€
  • Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Ultimate-USB: 1.499€

The first two steering wheels can be pre-ordered directly from Ascher Racing from October 13.

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