Fanatec QR2 – X-Teaser

Fanatec QR2 – X-Teaser

Update: The QR2 is now available: Fanatec QR2, QR2 Pro and QR2 Lite now available

Users of Fanatec products had to wait a long time, but now it seems that the time has finally come. On the official X profile, Fanatec has now posted a concrete teaser for the manufacturer’s new QR2 for the first time. The image is a self-mocking allusion to the long wait and the associated discussions in the simracing world.

It has been a long time coming. Watch this space early next week. #looongtimeago #fanatec

QR2- Prices and release date not yet known

No information is currently available on the release date and prices of the new QR system. In any case, users of the BMW M4 GT3 will probably be among the first to receive a QR2, which was already part of the package at launch. Additionally, it will be necessary to change the mount on the base accordingly. What do you think the QR2 from Fanatec will cost?

How much do you think the Fanatec QR2 (wheel side) will cost?

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Prototypes already spotted several times

You could already get a glimpse of Fanatec’s supposedly new QR2 at the Simracing Expo 2021 and 2022. Now we can look forward to seeing what the finished product will look like and, above all, how it will perform in practice.

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