New Asetek bundles available – teaser for a new round steering wheel

New Asetek bundles available – teaser for a new round steering wheel

Asetek SimSports has recently introduced three new bundles, primarily to satisfy the community’s request to be able to buy La Prima Base without a steering wheel. In addition, a first photo of a photo shoot has now been published, which strongly hints at an upcoming round steering wheel from the Danish manufacturer.

Bundles rund um den neuen Quick Release

The main component of the new bundles is the new QR from Asetek, which is currently available individually for €149.99. This allows third-party steering wheels to be supplied with power and data directly via USB, thus eliminating the need for annoying additional coiled cables. The QR is sold individually with three extensions and is compatible with the common 50.8 and 70 millimeter bolt patterns.

The following new bundles are now available in the Asetek store

  • La Prima Wheelbase + QR: 899,97€854,98€
  • Forte Wheelbase + QR: 1.199,97€ – 1.139,98€
  • Invicta Wheelbase + QR: 1.699,97€1.614,98€

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Teaser: First round steering wheel

Asetek currently only has its own Formula-style steering wheels in its lineup with the La Prima and Forte Formula Wheel. The upcoming Invicta Wheel (Formula Wheel with display), which is already known from videos, will most likely be joined by a round steering wheel with a diameter of around 30 centimeters. The first teaser image at least strongly indicates such a wheel.

The release date is currently set for between Halloween (October 31) and Black Friday (November 24). The steering wheel is fully compatible with the already known optional magnetic input paddles and clutch paddles.

More information will be published on Simracing-PC as soon as available.

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