Simracing at the Gamescom 2023

Simracing at the Gamescom 2023

Like last year, will provide a summary of the Gamescom 2023 with a special focus on simracing. While last year Asetek with its lineup was the first point of contact for most simracers, this year the interest is spread over a handful of simracing-related booths.


The following simracing-related manufacturers have announced their presence at Gamescom 2023:

  • Caseking GmbH (Germany): As a retailer for simracing hardware, we can very likely expect one or two simulators here. Halle 6.1 | Stand: A010
  • D-BOX Technologies Inc. (Canada): D-Box is one of the most famous manufacturers for high-end motion rigs. Halle 3.2 | Stand: B040/C041
  • Erazer (Medion AG) (Germany): Erazer offers simracing competition at Gamescom in collaboration with GetCloserRacing. Halle 8.1 | Stand: B021
  • Guillemot Cooperation Thrustmaster & Hercules (France): Thrustmaster has not yet nageannounced what will be presented at Gamescom. The booth is a business booth. Halle 4.2 | Stand: B035/D040
  • HORI (U.K.) Ltd (United Kingdom): Hori mainly offers simracing hardware in the budget range for the console. Halle 2.1 | Stand: C001
  • Microsoft (Xbox) (United States of America). Microsoft will most likely showcase various simracing-related products on their usually very large booths. Halle 4.2 | Stand: A061/B060 und Halle 8.1 | Stände: A051 B050
  • MOZA Racing (China): MOZA Racing will introduce a product premiere at Gamescom, among other things.. Halle 10.1 | Stand: A029
  • Playseat BV (Netherlands): Playseat is one of the largest suppliers of simracing rigs. Halle 2.2 | Stand: B040
  • PXN gaming peripherals (China): PXN introduces its first Direct Drive Base for the German market this year.Halle 10.1 | Stand: C029
  • South West Vision GmbH (Germany): South West Vision GmbH is the operator of Simracing Expo 2023. The booth is a business booth. Halle 4.2 | Stand: B035/D040

MOZA Racing introduces new products

MOZA Racing is expected to attract by far the most interest this year. It will add at least one world premiere to its already well-established ecosystem at the expo. MOZA Racing promises:

MOZA Racing break into the racing market at full speed with a complete starter pack covering the whole sim racing ecosystem with steering wheels, direct drive wheelbases, pedals and accessories. As the products and market grew in popularity, the brand has continued to develop and release several products. In fact, MOZA Racing received a very positive welcome in the Sim Racing scene providing what racers were looking for the most: options and alternatives to well-known brands.

For the occasion, a booth will be set up, ready let immerse visitors in a super realistic racing experience. On top of that, a full showcase of the most appreciated product will be in place, for any curious wishing for a hands-on.

Amidst the anticipation and buzz of Gamescom, MOZA Racing is gearing up to stun both local visitors and online enthusiasts with a bunch of thrilling surprises. Among them, a groundbreaking racing bundle, set to launch on the event’s very first day will change the game! Stay ahead of the curve by keeping an eye on MOZA Racing’s social media channels or by visiting their booth at A-029. Get ready to be among the first to experience the future of racing excellence.

MOZA Racing – Press Release

If you take a closer look at the video, you can already guess some details of the new product. You can see a relatively small wheelbase and buttons in several settings that could suspiciously point to Xbox compatibility. Of course, Simracing-PC will report in detail on the first day of the expo via social channels and the website.

PXN introduces their first Direct Drive Base for the European market

With PXN, a second Chinese manufacturer is presenting a new product for the European market this year. The entry-level DD V12 Lite will be on display for the first time at the PXN booth. With 6 NM, the Direct Drive Bundle clearly stands out from the previously offered entry-level sets. The information on Amazon so far also points to compatibility with PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S.

With the great influence of Gamescom, we will continue to showcase our strong product matrix and global business concept, and join hands with other companies to help boost the wave of globalized economy and work tirelessly to provide more gamers with high-quality products

PXN -Press Release

Neue Event-Serie von Erazer

In Kooperation mit GetCloserRacing bietet Erazer in diesem Jahr zwei Simulatoren an, um vor Ort Talente für das Wettbewerbsevent YOUR ROAD TO VICTORY“ (YR2V) zu sichten. Neben TV-Moderator Matthias Malmedie werden unter anderem die Influencer ShevaLion, Jana Riva und Felix von der Laden! vor Ort sein.

Die ERAZER Championship-Serie wurde 2023 ins Leben gerufen und geht im Sommer mit Vollgas in die ersten Wettkämpfe. (…) Und weil wir einen gemeinsamen Weg zu Sieg, Ruhm und Ehre mit dir beschreiten möchten, stellen wir dir Coaches aus der Influencer-Szene zur Seite. Außerdem werden übergeordnet Team Captains dich und deine Mitspieler durch die Scouting-Phase und das Boot Camp begleiten, bis hin zum Grand Final. DAS kann er sein, „Your Road to Victory“.

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