Simline Dash 5 Inch Vocore edition – Review

Simline Dash 5 Inch Vocore edition – Review

Simline’s 5-inch dashboard is yet another dash in the series of recently tested models with VoCore-screens. Is it capable of convincing during the review and of standing out from the competition?

Ordering and shipping

The dashboard can be purchased directly from the Simline shop and is currently listed there for 273.66€ without taxes and shipping. If you add these, the total price for shipping, e.g. to Germany within the EU, is around 340€.

The product tested here was provided by the manufacturer. No influence was exerted on this review at any time.

Scope of delivery

The dashboard is delivered in discreet black packaging in which it is well padded for shipping. In addition to the dashboard itself, the scope of delivery also includes a USB cable and mounting material. Instructions and profiles for Simhub are available online.

The total scope of delivery is given in the following list:

  • Dashboard
  • USB cable
  • Mounting brackets + screws
  • Sticker


As with almost all dashboards currently on the market, a VoCore display is used. This time it is the version with a 5-inch screen diagonal. It is characterised by the following features:

SIZE119.3mm x 68.7mm x 3.6mm
DISPLAY SIZE109.6mm x 61.6mm
COLORS24bit, 16bit
FRAME PER SECOND24(24bit), 30(16bit)
TOUCH PADCapacitive, two points
DRIVERframebuffer, libusb

The resolution is completely sufficient for use as a dashboard and the relatively high maximum brightness is also suitably bright even in well-lit environments. The only weak point of the VoCore display is the comparatively low refresh rate of a maximum of 30 FPS. This is not really noticeable in a negative way during operation, but it is certainly detectable. Overall, however, the built-in display remains a very good choice and is integrated into the casing without visible edges.


Simline uses a total of 21 fully controllable RGB LEDs to display the speed and other functions, which are distributed as follows:

  • Left: 4 RGB LEDs
  • Middle: 13 RGB LEDs
  • Right: 4 RGB LEDs

The brightness is more than sufficient even at very low settings from 5% and can be adjusted in percentage steps. According to Simline, the LED covers are specially made for the Dash, resulting in a very homogeneous and at the same time pleasant illumination.


Simline relies entirely on aluminium for the dashboard housing. The front of the dashboard is kept neutral and does not have any printing. In combination with the anodised surface, this results in a very clean look, which is further emphasised by the low construction depth of only 20 millimetres.

The mounting brackets are also milled from aluminium and are attached with two screws on each side.

Mounting and connections

For mounting on a wheelbase, threads are provided on the back on each side to mount the two brackets at a 90 degree angle downwards. After screwing, the brackets can be bolted directly or placed between the front mount and the wheelbase, depending on the base. The Dash can then be adjusted in height via the integrated slotted holes.

Afterwards, only the USB cable (unfortunately no USB-C connector) needs to be connected to the PC and you’re ready to go. The cable is attached to the side, which allows a very small distance between the Dash and the monitor. At the same time, however, it is not so easy to hide it from the field of vision.

Simline specifies the following manufacturers as directly compatible:

  • Simucube
  • Fanatec
  • Thrustmaster

For the review, the Dash was mounted on a Forte Wheelbase from Asetek. Here, two spacer tubes and longer screws were sufficient to mount the dashboard with the brackets provided.


Just as VoCore displays currently dominate the simracing market in the display sector, Simhub is currently the undisputed number one in the software sector. Accordingly, Simline also relies fully on the freely available software and runs the Dash exclusively with it. After installing the driver, you can configure the dashboard in Simhub as you wish and download many different designs. A recommendation, which was also used for the review, can be found here, for example: Lovely Dashboard.

Countless settings can also be made for the LEDs in Simhub. From the rpm bar to flags to ABS and TC effects, there are almost no limits here. Simline includes a profile here so that you can get started straight away without having to do anything yourself:

Note: To use Simhub with 30 instead of 10 FPS, a full version is required. This is already available from 6€.

Video impression


As with the last steering wheels we tested, Simline delivers a great product with their 5 inch dashboard. The very simple but elegant design, the high-quality choice of materials and the good workmanship are just as convincing as the mounting concept and the very good RGB LEDs. However, there is room for improvement in the type of connection used and the maximum possible 30 FPS.

Overall, the Dashboard is a clear buy recommendation. Although the price is somewhat higher at around 340€, you get a high-quality dashboard with a 5-inch screen and 21 RGB LEDs.


  • VoCore-Screen
  • 21 RGB-LEDs
  • High quality materials
  • Single USB port
  • Operation via Simhub


  • Maximum of 30 FPS
  • Positioning / type of the USB port

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