MOZA Racing R12 Wheelbase and KS Steering Wheel now available

MOZA Racing R12 Wheelbase and KS Steering Wheel now available

Hardly any other manufacturer manages to bring new products onto the market as regularly as MOZA Racing. With the new Formula style steering wheel and the 12 Newton metre wheelbase, it’s going into the next round.

MOZA Racing KS GT Style Racing Wheel

With the KS GT Style Racing Wheel, MOZA closes the gap between the ES Steering Wheel with Formula Mod and the GS Steering Wheel, fulfilling a long-held desire of the community for a Formula Wheel in the €300 price range.

Technical data

The 300-millimetre steering wheel is equipped with rubber grips and uses a material combination of steel, carbon and polymers:

Crafted with a blend of carbon fibre and high-performance polymers, this racing wheel combines durability and lightweight construction for optimal performance.

The carbon fibre reinforced composites and high-strength steel construction of the KS GT Style Racing Wheel ensure exceptional strength and rigidity whilst keeping weight to a minimum.

MOZA Racing

In addition, the MOZA-typical quick release and 8 RGB LEDs for the RPM bar are installed, each of which can be set in eight colours. In total, the steering wheel has the following function keys

  • 10 illuminated RGB-Buttons
  • 3 12-Posiition Rotary Encoders
  • 2 20-Posiiton Thumb Encoders
  • 2 Joysticks (multi-directional de-pressable)
  • 2 Magnetic-Shifter
  • 2 Clutch-Paddles

Size300mm standard GT wheel
Paddle MaterialAluminum alloy
Magnetic Shifter Paddles2
Clutch Paddles2
Luminous Short Travel Buttons10
Joysticks ( depressible)2
Thumb Encoders2
Rotary Encoders3
High Brightness LEDs10
LED Colors8
Intelligent TelemetrySupported
Fully Adjustable RPM Leds through MOZA Pit HouseSupported
Release MethodMOZA Quick Release
Communication MethodWireless or via Industrial Conductive Slip Ring
Paddle SensorNon-contact Hall Sensor
Dual Clutch Paddle ModesCombined Axis/Independent Axis/button
Knob ModesButton or dial
CompatibilityAll MOZA wheelbases and 3rd party wheelbases
3rd Party Base Expansion PortSupported
Weight2.6 kg
Dimensions (mm)300*120*165

Prices and availability

Unlike many competitors, the steering wheel is now available for purchase directly from MOZA and can be ordered there at a price of €309 plus VAT. The German dealer Sim-Motion also offers the steering wheel for sale now. Here the price is 309€ incl. VAT.

$279 / €309 / £279 / AUD 459 / JPY 42900

MOZA Racing R12 Wheelbase

With the R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase, MOZA closes the gap between the R9 Wheelbase with 9 Newton metres and the R16 Wheelbase with 16 Newton metres and now offers an almost gap-free ecosystem:

  • R5: 5.5 Newton metre
  • R9: 9 Newton metre
  • R12: 12 Newton metre
  • R16: 16 Newton metre
  • R21: 21 Newton metre

Technical data

The base is not a big surprise on the outside or inside and complements the existing products. MOZA Racing lists the following as key features

12Nm DD power: With a widely regarded industry sweet spot of 12Nm sustained power, the MOZA R12 flawlessly replicates the steering forces and feedback of real racing cars providing complete immersion to the driver. 

The Motor: The R12 shares the same cutting-edge motor technology found in MOZA Racing’s flagship R21 base, such as the unique slanted pole design and tri-segmented rotor. The result is significantly reduced cogging, electromagnetic vibration and an ultra-low torque ripple compared to conventional motors. This revolutionary motor design ensures a wide high torque speed range with an incredibly low power consumption thanks to its high slot fill rate and high permeability cores. 

Next Generation Force Feedback Filtering Algorithm: The R12 is powered by MOZA Racing’s latest generation force feedback filtering algorithm, providing industry-leading enhanced dynamic feedback that communicates oversteer and understeer with unbelievable clarity and richness. 

Industrial Conductive Slip Ring: The R12 connects to the wheel via a military-grade conductive slip ring. With a life span of well over 5 million revolutions, this patented system provides extremely high stability and durability with an infinite steering angle.

Intelligent Temperature Control: The R12 advanced control system constantly monitors the motor and electronic components, employing intelligent control strategies to deliver stable and reliable performance in all conditions.
Aviation Grade Aluminium: The entire housing is constructed from aviation grade aluminium utilising automotive grade laser etching, providing an extremely durable, long-lasting finish.

MOZA Racing
FFB Drive SystemDirect Drive
Max Wheel RotationLimitless
Housing MaterialAviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
Housing ColorBlack
Peak Torque12 N·m
Peak Power216W
Input voltage110V~220V AC —>36V DC
USB Refresh Rate1000Hz
App FunctionsSupported
Quick ReleaseSupported
Connection PortsPower, USB, Pedal, Dash, Shifter, Handbrake, E-stop
AccessoriesUser manual, power adapter, cable, tool kit
Fixing Method4-hole bottom mount
Desk ClampOptional
Online Firmware UpdateSupported
Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions (mm)225.87 x 156.68 x 123.99

Prices and availability

Just like the KS Steering Wheel, the R12 Base is now available in the MOZA Racing Shop from a price of 649€ plus VAT and customs. As expected, the price therefore sits between the R9 and the R16 Wheelbase. The German partner Sim-Motion will also offer the base at a later date at a price of 649€, but then including taxes.

$589.00 / €649 / £589 / AUD 999 / JPY 89900

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