Asetek SimSports Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit introduced

Asetek SimSports Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit introduced

Probably the biggest current weakness of the Asetek Ecosystem, and in particular of the Wheelbases, is the lack of possibility to use steering wheels from third party manufacturers. Asetek wants to change this with the Invicta Quick Release Adapter:

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The most important feature of the new QR (apart from the precise fit with the Asetek wheelbases) is its compatibility with the 70 mm and 50.8 mm bolt patterns typical of steering wheels. This should make the majority of steering wheels on the market compatible without the need for further adapters. Somewhat surprisingly, the QR is supplied with three different tubes, giving total QR lengths of 80, 150 and 200 millimetres.

  • Three lengths included: 80 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm (total Quick Release lengths)
  • Sturdy, no-play Quick Release with a guaranteed no disengages up to 500N of pull-force on a 320mm wheel*
  • Optional USB support 
  • High-quality aluminum parts 
  • 70 mm & 50.8 mm bolt patterns 
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark

*The Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit has a built-in safety release at 500N with a 320mm steering wheel, meaning there is no chance of accidentally disconnecting the wheel. It also provides safety release if something should go wrong. 

Prices and availability

According to Asetek, the QR will be available directly from stock from the end of June and can then also be ordered directly. The price will then start at $149.99. In addition, there will be an attractive offer for the product launch: If you buy four of the adapters, you will get the fifth one for free.

Comparison to the first prototype

As early as December 2022, you could take a first look at a prototype of the new QR at Simracing-Epxo and examine it in combination with various steering wheels. The design was basically retained, but instead of a USB-C port, a USB-A port is now used. With a quick look at the currently available cable solutions, this makes perfect sense.


As already communicated, the QR system has already been presented to various third-party manufacturers, who have also already announced their work on compatible products.

The following manufacturers are planning to offer compatible steering wheels:

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