Simline BPv3 Ultimate Dual Clutch USB Button Plate – Review

Simline BPv3 Ultimate Dual Clutch USB Button Plate – Review

Following the recently tested McLaren 720S steering wheel from Simline, the BPv3 Ultimate is the next high-end product from the Polish manufacturer to be reviewed. With the BPv3 Ultimate, Simline presents a button plate for simracing enthusiasts.

Ordering and shipping

The BPv3 is currently available at a price starting at about 440€ directly from the Simline shop. For shipping within the EU, taxes and shipping costs have to be added, so that the total price for shipping to Germany, for example, is around 500€. Alternatively, the Button Plate is also available in various webshops, e.g. in a blue version at SRS (link to shop).

The product tested here was provided by the manufacturer. No influence was exerted on this review at any time.


Basically, the Button Plate can be ordered either as a USB version or as a wireless version (Simucube-compatible). For the latter, a surcharge of approx. 60 € (incl. VAT) has to be paid.

In addition, you have various options

  • Version with carbon in standard look (tested here) or with Forged Carbon.
  • Quick Release: Here you can order a QR from various manufacturers for an additional charge.
    • Thrustmaster
    • Simucube
    • Q1R
  • A matching rim can also be ordered from Simline.
    • Simline D-Shape
    • Simline round 320mm
    • Simline round 350mm
    • SImline U300

Scope of delivery

Simline supplies the button plate in the USB version with a very high-quality cable and screws in two versions (different lengths) as well as a set of nuts. Three different sticker sheets are also supplied:

  • standard color
  • fluorescent green
  • beige, glowing light green in the dark

Compatibility / Software

On the software side, the USB version Button Plate by Simlab can be used directly without installing any kind of software. All that is required is to connect the supplied USB cable to the PC.

On the hardware side, the BPv3 Ultimate Dual Clutch is almost fully compatible with all steering wheels available on the market. In addition to a bolt circle of 70 mm, there are three additional holes for steering wheels with a bolt circle of 50.8 mm.

According to Simline, the following steering wheel rims are fully compatible: Fanatec GT, R300, GT3 Cup, DimSim F320, RMD 320, Porsche GT3 Cup OEM, Momo Jet32, Mod 30, Team 30, Tuner Black, Motamec, Mazda MPI, MPI GT13, OMP Alu S, Superquadro, Targa, Asso, Kubic, Superleggerro, Supertourismo, Trecento, Velocita, Sportline D320, R320, R350, U300, Competition, Imola, Sabelt SW733, Sparco P300, P310, P323, L360, L999, Lap5, P353, R383, Turn R305, R20, Cube Controls, SRB and many more.

If you do not find the model you want on this list, all you have to do is send a quick e-mail to Simline.

The Button Plate harmonises particularly well with smaller steering wheel rims, as here the buttons remain within direct reach. With a larger steering wheel rim (e.g. 350mm), the hands have to be taken off the steering wheel more often to trigger the individual functions.

Scope of functions

Function keys

The BPv3 Ultimate Dual Clutch has the following function keys on the front plate:

  • 6x ALPS / MEC push buttons: The high-quality buttons from APEM have a clearly defined pressure point and are pleasant to press. As is typical for PCB buttons, the distance until triggering is rather short and the buttons are very “clicky”.
  • 2x funky switch (D-Pad + Encoder + Push button): Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine simracing without the two built-in Funkys, which also significantly enhance this button plate. Equipped with an aluminium cap, they can be operated very crisply and fit well in the hand, especially without gloves.
  • 2x Bourns Encoders (16 positions and a push button): The high-quality Bouns encoders are an established name in simracing. The only point of criticism here concerns the caps made of red anodised aluminium. Due to the relatively small diameter in connection with the likewise rather low height, these offer only little grip surface.

In addition, there are two prepared places on the PCB of the button plate to be able to connect two additional buttons (such as the Sparco P310 Rim features) if required.

Shifter / Dual Clutch

The shifters and dual clutch are one of the strengths of the BPv3 Ultimate Dual Clutch, as with the recently tested McLaren 720S Steering Wheel. Like the clutches, the shifters are made entirely of aluminium, are equipped with magnets and offer what is probably the most satisfying gearshift feeling currently available. During testing, there were no operational errors and the very well-made, large carbon paddles provided a pleasant haptic shifting feel.

The double clutch can be adjusted via a knob on the back. This allows the Bite Point to be adapted to the respective vehicle without additional software. The actuation is very firm due to the built-in hard spring and starts can thus be carried out very precisely. Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure the two analogue pedals as separate axles.

Both the shifter (through slotted holes on the button plate) and the paddles of the double clutch (slotted holes on the paddles themselves) can be moved in their position, so that even slightly larger steering wheel rims are no problem.


In terms of material and workmanship, Simline gives an excellent impression. The housing is milled from one piece:

The back cover is made of one piece of alluminium on a precise CNC machine, it has also been sandblasted and oxidized, thanks to which the coating is very scratch-resistant and does not get dirty so easily.

Together with the high-quality function keys and the front panel made of 2-millimetre-thick carbon, this results in an all-round high-quality overall product. Black screws and the use of a Leo Bodnar chip on the circuit board positively enhance the BPv3,


Overall, the button plate from Simline was fully convincing during testing. The high-quality components used in combination with an excellent choice of materials and workmanship as well as the dual clutch fully justify the relatively high price. The latter can only be found on very few button plates, especially the possibility of adjusting the BPv3 Ultimate Dual Clutch without additional software sets it apart from the competition.

So if you are prepared to invest around 500€ in an absolutely high-quality button plate that is compatible with almost all steering wheels on the market, you should take a look at the Simline shop.


  • Plug & Play
  • High-quality function keys (with additional Funkys)
  • Ausgezeichneter Shifters and dual clutch
  • High-quality materials throughout
  • Bite point adjustment directly on the button plate


  • Analogue paddles not configurable as individual axes
  • (Loud Shifters)

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