Simlab Pedal Set XP1 Loadcell now available for pre-order – Prices starting at €490.76

Simlab Pedal Set XP1 Loadcell now available for pre-order – Prices starting at €490.76

Simlab is currently one of the largest suppliers of sim rigs. After the recently introduced handbrake, the manufacturer from the Netherlands has now introduced its next product, the XP1 Loadcell pedal set. The set is now available for pre-order starting at a price of 490.76€.

Prices and shipping

Simlab calls for the following prices for the set or the optional clutch:

  • Throttle + Brake: 490,76€
  • Throttle + Brake + Clutch: 638,27€
  • Clutch: 195,71€

The products can be pre-ordered immediately. According to SImlab, shipping is scheduled to begin at the end of July.

200-kilo load cell and 16-bit sensor

The brake is equipped with a 200-kilo loadcell that registers the input via a 16-bit sensor. In combination with the “in-line positioning” of the loadcell, Simlab promises unmatched precision. Initial tests will show whether this will have an effect on the driving experience in practice.

Full metal construction and extensive adjustability

In contrast to many other manufacturers, Simlab relies on a construction made of full metal, which is also reflected in the design. Adjustable parts of the pedals are additionally highlighted by a blue accentuation.

The pedals offer the following features:


  • Hall sensor technology (no wear)
  • Exchangeable springs for different throttle stiffness (spring tension)


  • 200kg load cell transfers to 100kg pedal pressure
  • Easy replacement of elastomers and springs
  • Adjustable stiffness and initial first stage compression


  • Adjustable bite point
  • Hall sensor technology (no wear)
  • Replaceable spring and adjustable spring tension

General features

  • Mounting on virtually any pedal plate
  • Inclination of the pedal easily adjustable
  • Blue colour indicates adjustability
  • Pedal surface adjustable in height and angle
  • Replaceable pedal surface
  • Real ball bearings in the pedal arm
  • Robust full metal construction
  • Pedal position free of constraints

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