Simline 720s Dual Clutch Steering Wheel – Review

Simline 720s Dual Clutch Steering Wheel – Review

GT3 cars are arguably the most popular vehicle class in several racing simulations at the moment. Since 2019, the McLaren 720S GT3, including the EVO versions, has been an integral part of many simulations. The 720s Dual Clutch Steering Wheel from the Polish manufacturer Simline is the perfect steering wheel for the rig at home.

Ordering and shipping

The steering wheel can be purchased directly from the Simline shop and is available there from approx. 584€. In addition, there are taxes and shipping costs for Europe. The latter are currently 16.87€ for shipping to Germany, resulting in a total price starting at 712.60€ (as of May 2023).

Note: The steering wheel tested here was provided directly by Simline. There was no influence on the review. Likewise, there were no specifications regarding the content of the review or the time of publication.


The standard version can be individualised through various options. Particularly recommended are the optional Funky-Switch and the aluminium adapter, which adapts the bolt pattern from 50.8 to the frequently used 70 millimetres. The steering wheel reviewed here is equipped with the Funky-Switch, the optional adapter and the Premium cable. The Forged version was chosen for the carbon and the Fabric option for the grip material.

The total price for the steering wheel shown here is 850,28€ incl. shipping and VAT.

FeatureOption AOption B
Connection SystemUSBSC2 (355 ~ 76€)
Finish (grips)Fabric materialAlcantara
3×50.8 to 6×70 adapterNoYes (82 zł ~ 18€)
Funky switchNoYes (269 zł ~ 58€)
Carbon fiberStandard TWILForged Carbon
CableStandard cablePremium Cable (100 zł ~ 22€)

For the stickers, you can choose from one of the following four designs free of charge:

  • 2020
  • 2022
  • 2022 Green FL
  • 2022 Orange FL

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery differs slightly depending on the option chosen. In addition to the steering wheel with stickers already applied, you also receive a USB cable in the selected version if you have not opted for the Simucube variant of the steering wheel.

Otherwise, there is only a small sticker from Simline in the sleek box.

Compatibility / Software

The Simline 720s Dual Clutch steering wheel is intended for use on a PC only, there is no console support. You have the choice between the Simucube version with wireless support and operation via cable. If the latter is chosen, the steering wheel can simply be plugged in and is immediately ready for use. The wheel can then be configured directly in all common simulations without any further steps.

No software is needed to set the bite point either. A rotary control on the back is used here, with which the double clutch can be precisely adjusted.

In order to connect the steering wheel comfortably to a quick-release of choice, the optional adapter is in many cases necessary. In addition to the holes for the 50.8 mm rim, it also has three holes each with and without thread for the typical 70 mm pattern.

Scope of functions

Function keys

In the version tested here, the steering wheel has the following function keys:

  • 11 buttons: Simline uses high-quality MEC buttons from the well-known manufacturer APEM. These are of even higher quality than, for example, the buttons of the last tested XF1 Pro. The pressure point is clearly defined and the buttons are very pleasant to use.
  • 4 encoders of the type CTS288 with very high-quality caps made of anodised aluminium. The encoders, which are also used in the DIY projects of Turn Racing (Link), are of high quality and known for their reliable operation. In combination with the excellent caps made of aluminium, the result is a great trigger feeling.
  • 1 Funky switch (left, right, up, down, turn left, turn right, click), which can be operated comfortably with the thumb and is also equipped with an aluminium cap.

The chosen components are of high quality throughout (especially the built-in buttons) and always work reliably. For a greater variety of functions, Simline could have additionally replaced at least one of the encoders with an encoder with individually assessable positions. All in all, however, with the Funky switch used and the 4 encoders as well as 11 additional buttons, you should be able to assign more than enough functions in most cases.

Shifter / Double clutch

The housings of the shifters and the double clutch are made entirely of aluminium. In combination with the 5-millimetre-thick carbon paddles, this results in incredibly stable shifters that have no disturbing flex. The shifters have a very high release force, making accidental actuation of the built-in button almost impossible. The contact of metal on metal results in a very precise final position of the shifters, which, however, comes at the price of a very loud noise during the gear change. This is why these haptically excellent shift paddles are not suitable for use in the bedroom at home. If you don’t have a problem with that, the paddles of the 720S steering wheel from Simline are probably the best of all the steering wheels tested so far.

The two analogue axles of the dual clutch are equally smooth and free of play. The resistance is generated by one spring each (much tighter than e.g. the Podium Advanced Paddle Module from Fanatec). Unfortunately, the two clutch pedals cannot be configured as separate axles and are thus limited to use as a double clutch.


Simline makes no compromises when it comes to the materials used. For the shift paddles and the front plate, 5 millimetre thick carbon is used, while the housing is made entirely of aluminium. In addition, the paddle shifters, together with the double clutch, are extremely solid.

The grips are covered with a heavily textured fabric and very neatly stitched. Due to the rough surface, they offer a very good grip, but due to the very thin design, they can become a problem during longer races if you want to ride without gloves.

Simline did a good job of selecting the components for the function keys, too, and only used high-quality models from well-known manufacturers. The stickers, which are already very precisely applied, are also excellent.




With the 720s Dual Clutch steering wheel, Simline has placed a very good product on the market that relies on high-quality materials and components. With a diameter of 30 centimetres, it is ideally suited for use in the GT3 sector (even beyond the McLaren 720S). Thanks to the many configuration options, you can adapt the steering wheel very precisely to your needs; the version tested here, for example, is a real eye-catcher thanks to the Forged Carbon used and is also well equipped thanks to the highly recommended Funky Switch.

Apart from the relatively thin grips and the loud shifters, the Simline steering wheel has no real weaknesses and is probably the best version of a McLaren steering wheel currently available, playing in a completely different league to, for example, the admittedly much cheaper CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 steering wheel from Fanatec.

All in all, the excellent steering wheel from Simline is a recommended purchase, not only for fans of the McLaren brand.


  • Plug & Play
  • Number of function keys (with additional funky switch)
  • Excellent shifter and double clutch
  • High quality materials throughout
  • Options for individualisations
  • Bite point adjustment directly on the steering wheel


  • Analogue paddles not configurable as individual axes
  • Thin grips
  • (Loud shifters)

4 thoughts on “Simline 720s Dual Clutch Steering Wheel – Review

  1. I love the McLaren 720s.
    I will definitely buy this wheel later this year.
    Do I need a powered USB-Hub for this?

    thank you very much

    • Hello Micha,

      You should be fine with a normal hub (tested with two different hubs)

      Best regards,

    • Hello Takimo,

      It’s 1410g with dual clutch, spacer and funky configuration.

      Best regards,

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