Thrustmaster 488 GT3 Steering Wheel – prototype spotted

Thrustmaster 488 GT3 Steering Wheel – prototype spotted

At the Ferrari Esports Series 2023 Launch Show, we got a first glimpse of one of the upcoming steering wheels from Thrustmaster. The steering wheel is not a 1:1 replica, but its basic layout and design, including the stickers, are basically the same as the original.

Here you can see the steering wheel in a video:


Release date and price not yet known

The new steering wheel from Thrustmaster will probably be one of the first steering wheels from the manufacturer intended for use with the new T818 Direct Drive Wheelbase. Accordingly, a price above the current product range is not unlikely. Whether it will be priced below the SF1000 wheel (including display) remains to be seen.

The choice of the 488 GT3 as the basis for a new steering wheel is somewhat surprising, as the 296 GT3, Ferrari’s successor, has just made its debut.

Features extended to include control pad

The stickers used suggest that Thrustmaster has slightly adapted the original layout and added a control pad on the left side. The other functions seem to have been adopted 1:1:

  • 11 Buttons
  • 2 Encoder
  • 2 Toggle switches (ON-OFF-ON)
  • 1 Control pad

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