MOZA Racing HGP Shifter – Review

MOZA Racing HGP Shifter – Review

Even though today’s racing cars and road vehicles rely less and less on manual gearsticks, no sim rig is complete without an H-shifter. In this review, MOZA’s HGP shifter, which is currently available for well under 200€, has to prove itself.

Ordering and shipping

The shifter can be purchased as usual via the MOZA website or via the various distribution partners. The price on the MOZA Racing site is currently 159€ plus tax, customs and shipping. The German distributor Sim-Motion currently sells the shifter for the same price of 159€ + shipping, but already including VAT.

The handbrake reviewed was provided by MOZA Racing for the purpose of this test. No conditions were imposed and no influence was exerted at any time.


Dimension100 x 140 x 250mm
Hole PatternsM6 threaded holes
Net Weight1.8 KG

Scope of delivery

Moza includes a few extras along with the shifter plus detachable gear knob. In addition to the four screws and washers for mounting, you also get the appropriate tools. Furthermore, you get two connecting cables (not on the photo) to use the shifter either as a stand-alone device or in connection with a wheelbase from MOZA. For optional noise reduction, there are also two small dampers that are provided with adhesive tape on the underside.

  • Shifter
  • Knop
  • USB cable (USB-A)
  • MOZA connecting cable
  • Wrench
  • Allen key
  • 2 x damper
  • 4 x screw + washer


As the shifter can be connected directly to the PC via the USB cable supplied, it can be combined with any wheelbase. Alternatively, the HGP Shifter can also be connected to a MOZA Wheelbase via the Transit port using the cable supplied, which then takes over the data transfer.

As far as game compatibility is concerned, you have to rely on MOZA’s compatibility list. However, the manufacturer has caught up in the meantime and all important racing simulations are supported. Only users of niche titles should take a look at the manufacturer’s list beforehand.


To operate the shifter, the MOZA Pit House is required, which provides its own settings page for the HGB shifter. Here the shifter can be calibrated and tested for function. The calibration is not quite intuitive at first, until you discover the small info symbol. Within 10 seconds, you only have to move the shifter from the far left to the far right and you have calibrated it successfully.

Auto Throttle Blip

Will be added later

Materials and technology

As with MOZA’s recently released handbrake, the shifter’s choice of materials is equally impressive. Wherever you look, you will find very well-made, black anodised aluminium, which MOZA describes as aviation-grade aluminium.

Inside, too, there are solidly milled aluminium parts that make an absolutely solid impression. In addition, all cable connections are equipped with removable plugs, which allows easy intervention in case of damage.

The integrated dust cover on the underside of the lid is also very well made. This protects the inner workings from dust without disturbing the clean look of the shifter.

When a gear is engaged, there is a not exactly quiet metal-to-metal contact. In order to dampen this somewhat, two rubber strips are included, which have double-sided adhesive tape on the underside. These are clamped into the switching gate and then glued, which reduces the noise somewhat.

MOZA uses a 15-bit sensor to detect the shifting processes, as is already used in the MOZA HBP Handbrake. Here, too, there were no false detections in the test and the gears could be shifted through without error. Springs are used for lateral guidance, as well as for operating the two locked gears. To activate the latter, the shifter must be pressed down slightly, after which 7th or reverse gear can be engaged.


As with the MOZA HBP Handbrake, the manufacturer also supplies screws and washers for mounting the shifter. These can be used to attach it to the optional Handbrake / Shifter Table Clamp (32 €). Alternatively, you can of course screw the shifter onto any flat surface, for example an aluminium profile, using the slotted holes provided. Then you just have to connect it to the PC or a wheelbase from MOZA using one of the two supplied connection cables and you’re ready to go.

As far as the adjustments are concerned, you still have the option of gluing on the supplied dampers or replacing the removable gear knob with an aftermarket model.

Driving impression

At the end of the day, a shifter must offer good performance and function reliably. The MOZA Racing HGP shifter is absolutely convincing here, especially for the low price of well under 200€. The gears engage with both tactile and audible precision and thus offer good feedback when changing gears. At the same time, the shifting process is very smooth, but still offers a certain resistance. This clearly distinguishes the HGP shifter from, for example, a moded Thrustmaster TH8A shifter.

The mounted solid gear knob is comfortable to hold. However, since this is probably mainly a subjective perception that can vary from user to user, it is practical to be able to replace it in case of doubt.

For further impressions, a video will be added to this test report in the next few weeks.


The MOZA Racing HGP shifter pleases all along the line and without any real point of criticism. The solid construction and the scope of delivery are just fine, as are the shifting feel, the mounting options and the clean look.

In addition, the shifter currently offers a unique selling point with the automatic throttle blip, which we will take a closer look at later.

The overall package is right in every respect, especially for the current price of 159€ + shipping, so the shifter is an absolute recommendation.


  • Gearshift feeling
  • Price/performance ratio
  • Scope of delivery
  • Auto Throttle Blip
  • Materials and fabrication
  • Mounting
  • Locked R and 7th Gear


  • (Missing sequential mode)

2 thoughts on “MOZA Racing HGP Shifter – Review

  1. Neither Project Cars 2 or Automobilista 2 support gear mapping of 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th gear. This is a big problem and needs to be clear for potential buyers.

    • Hello Kenn,

      i was able to get the shifter working in Automobilista 2 with the newest Firmware for Base / Shifter and Pedals.

      Best Regards,

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