Leoxz XF1 Pro Steering Wheel and DDU800 Dashboard release

Leoxz XF1 Pro Steering Wheel and DDU800 Dashboard release

Leoxz has probably provided the biggest surprise on the simracing market this year. With the XF1-Sport (link to our review of the steering wheel), one of the currently best steering wheels in terms of an excellent price-performance ratio was presented, which quickly gained popularity within the simracing community. With today’s announcement, the manufacturer wants to take the next step and expand the line-up with new products.

Leoxz XF1 PRO

The XF1 Pro is, as the name suggests at first glance, the further development of the current XF1 Sport. It can impress with the following features:

  • 18 RGB LEDs compatible with Simhub
  • 800×480 IPS LCD compatible with Simhub
  • 16 Momentary button
  • 2 Thumb rotary encoder
  • 2 Front rotary encoder with push button
  • 2 Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder
  • 2 Non-contact hall shifter paddle
  • 2 Optional non-contact hall clutch paddle
  • 2 Optional non-contact hall option paddle

Full Simhub integration and VoCore display with 60 FPS

The first noticeable differences are the use of Forged Carbon, which now dominates the front of the steering wheel, and the two joysticks with additional encoder function on both sides.

The most important improvements, however, concern the display and the LEDs. These are now fully Simhub-compatible, probably not least due to the enormous demand from the community, and for the first time allow the use of customised dashboards and colour-customisable LEDs: this meets the wishes of many users for exactly these features.

XF1 Pro uses a specially customized vocore screen, which can achieve 16bit color and 60FPS screen update rate through usb2.0.

It’s worth noting that for 16-bit color screens, color banding may occur when displaying gradient images, even for high-end steering wheels on the market (priced at 1000-2000 euros). XF1 Pro solves this problem with a highly optimized color dithering algorithm, resulting in more delicate screen representation.

When changing the paddles mode, setting the bite point and LEDs brightness through the Simhub control, there will be relevant prompts on the screen to ensure that you can get feedback at any time in the game.

The XF1 Pro and DDU800 use a higher-spec chip for the Vocore screen solution, with a chip frequency of 408MHz. Therefore, the hardware layer supports a maximum rate of 60fps. At the same time, the Simbridge eliminates the 30Hz limitation of the Simhub USB and truly achieves a 60Hz dashboard refresh rate. Therefore, it will be the smoothest screen solution on the market.


How the revised VoCore display performs in practice, we will find out in our review of the wheel. The promised 60 FPS in combination with the customisable LEDs and the new joysticks could crown the steering wheel the new undisputed price-performance winner. For 519.95€ (prices incl. VAT in Europe not yet known) you probably won’t get a comparable complete package at the moment.

Scope of delivery

  • XF1 Pro Steering Wheel
  • USB-XS9 Cable
  • Custom Stickers
  • M3 Allen Key
  • Nylon Tweezers

Leoxz DDU800

In addition to the new XF1 Pro, Leoxz now also offers a matching dashboard, which, like the steering wheel, is made of carbon in combination with a metal housing. Here, too, the previously mentioned 4.3-inch VoCore display is used, which is surrounded by a total of 18 RGB LEDs. The very compact housing and the clean look are striking.

The four integrated buttons on the back of the Dash, which is operated with a single USB-C cable, could also prove to be handy.

For 189.95 euros (price incl. taxes in Europe not yet known), the Dash, just like the new steering wheel, could attract some interested buyers.

Scope of delivery

  • DDU800
  • USB-Type C 1.8m Cable
  • 2 x M6x10 hex bolts
  • 2 x M4x10 hex bolts
  • Universal Mounting Bracket

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