MOZA Racing HGP Shifter launched

MOZA Racing HGP Shifter launched

With the HGP Shifter, MOZA Racing adds another piece to its line-up consisting of wheelbases, steering wheels, pedals, dashboards and the handbrake we recently tested. It is now available from MOZA itself and will soon be available from the usual distributors:

7+R – Layout + “Intelligent Auto Throttle Blip System”

The H-shifter is equipped with a 7 + R – arrangement, whereby the 7th gear as well as the reverse gear have a release lock, as known from many road vehicles. To activate these, the gear lever must be pushed down before the corresponding gears can be engaged.

As a new feature, MOZA advertises an automated “Intelligent Auto Throttle Blip System”, which is supposed to be freely adjustable via the software in terms of length and strength of the desired throttle blip when downshifting. Tests will have to show to what extent this feature can be useful in practice. In any case, the approach is interesting.

15-Bit – sensor and system with damper

MOZA has decided against using potentiometers and instead has installed a 15-bit sensor. The manufacturer thus promises long-term operation without regular maintenance.

According to MOZA, a patented system ensures a good feeling when shifting gears:

The patented shifter mechanism inside the HGP includes an innovative shock-absorbing damper system. This has been engineered to ensure that every gear change is a positive, smooth, and precise experience for the user.

MOZA Racing

Mounting and connectivity

Like the handbrake, the shifter can be easily mounted via corresponding holes on the underside. Again, it is possible to use the shifter as a stand-alone USB device or directly with one of the compatible MOZA wheelbases via an included cable.

Similarly, the gear knob of the shifter, which is made entirely of metal, can be easily replaced. The thread corresponds to the usual market standard.

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