Launch of new simracing shop: Zen’s Simwheels

Launch of new simracing shop: Zen’s Simwheels

Zen’s Simwheels, a new shop, saw the light of day last month. Run by a young Dutchman, the one-man business focuses on handmade steering wheels and accessories such as shifters and adapter plates.

Steering wheels

There are currently three different steering wheels to choose from:

ZS-AMG-GT3 Steering Wheel (419.95€)

This is a replica of the GT3 steering wheel of the old AMG model from Mercedes and has the following specs:

  • 3mm Aluminum Anodised Plate
  • Suéde Handles
  • 9 Tactile buttons
  • ZS-Aluminum Shifters with carbon paddles
  • 70mm Bolt Pattern
  • Plug&Play – Coiled USB Cable Included

Cosworth MK2 – LMP Steering Wheel (ab 836.96 depending on configuration)

The MK2 is currently used in various Lmp, Indycars, and Formula cars. It can be ordered with an optional double clutch. For 836.96€ you get it with 3d-printed shifters and without clutch.

  • Diameter: 310mm
  • Material: Carbon front 5mm & 3D printed
  • Buttons: Backlighted Tactile buttons 10 (decals customizable)
  • Encoders: 4 (16 Detend)
  • Side Encoders: 2
  • Screen: USBD480 (FullHD 60fps) Simhub
  • LEDs: 16 (individually adjustable) Simhub
  • Shifters: 2 (N52 magnetic; 3D printed or Aluminum)
  • Clutches: single, dual or without

ZS-LMP-PRO Steering Wheel (ab 1199.95€ depending on configuration)

With the LMP-Pro Steering Wheel, Zen’s Simwheels aims towards the high-end range. Here you can add optional paddles as well as a double or single clutch for an extra charge.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​305mm Diameter
  • 5mm  Carbon Fiber Front plate
  • 4mm Carbon Fiber Rear plate
  • 12 RGB-Controlable Tactile Buttons
  • 4 RGB-Controlable Rotaties
  • 2 or 4 Magnetic Shifters
  • 1 or 2 Clutches
  • Suéde or Plastic Handles
  • RPM Leds
  • 5 Inch Screen
  • 70mm Bolt Pattern

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