CAMMUS eSports Steering Wheel – Review

CAMMUS eSports Steering Wheel – Review

In addition to its Direct Drive Base, CAMMUS also offers its own Button Plate, which can be combined with either a rim in the style of a Formula Wheel or a GT Wheel.

Order and Shipping

The CAMMUS eSports Steering Wheel is part of the CAMMUS bundle and can be added through their online store for an additional cost of 199$. Taxes and customs fees will be added to this price difference for shipping to Europe

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You can use the code ‘simracingpc’ to save an additional 5% on your purchase from the CAMMUS store.

The unit used in this review was provided by CAMMUS. No influence or conditions were placed on the review at any time.

Scope of Delivery

  • Button Plate
  • GT / Formula Rim
  • Cover plate
  • Screws
  • Spacers + longer screws for shifter
  • Allen wrench


The Button Plate is currently only compatible with the CAMMUS Wheel Base and is directly connected to it via the Quick Release. The rim, on the other hand, can be combined with many button plates available on the market using the commonly used 70-millimeter hole pattern. It is also possible to use a different steering wheel rim with the CAMMUS Button Plate. The Turn Racing R305, for example, fits perfectly


Function keys

The button plate offers the following functions:

  • 4 push buttons. These are illuminated, the LEDs are only activated when pressed.
  • 2 rotary knobs
  • 1 toggle switch
  • 1 latching toggle switch

The push buttons and the two rotary knobs in particular are not very tactile and therefore do not match the feel of high-end steering wheels. Overall, the buttons did a solid job and there were no errors during the extensive test drives. Adding a 7-way switch would be a welcome addition.


The magnetic shifters are screwed directly to the back of the button plate and are made of aluminium. CAMMUS has already fitted double magnets to increase the release force slightly, but it could still be higher. Otherwise, the shifters do a good job, but they are quite noticeable acoustically.

Quick Release

In addition to the connection between the steering wheel and the base, the Quick Release also ensures data and power transmission, which does not require any additional cables. The connection has no noticeable mechanical play and there were no disconnections during the review.

If you want to remove the steering wheel from the base, you have to press in a pin in addition to pulling back the QR in order to completely release the steering wheel. For mounting, it is sufficient to slide the steering wheel in the correct orientation onto the socket of the wheel base,

Internally, the Button Plate is connected with a cable. It is important to ensure that the cable does not get caught between the QR and the button plate.


CAMMUS definitely doesn’t have to hide when it comes to the choice of materials. The front plate and paddles are made of carbon, whereby especially the paddles are extremely resistant to torsion. In addition, the button plate housing and the shifter are milled from aluminium. Completed by the aluminium front cover, only high-quality materials are used.

The steering wheel, which measures about 33 centimetres, is also well made (see photo, CAMMUS states that the material is leather) and is equipped with indents in the areas around 9, 12 and 3 o’clock. These provide a pleasant grip and were noticed positively during testing.

Overall, it would have been preferable if CAMMUS had followed the approach of the steering wheel and button plate for the function keys as well and used higher-quality components there.

Driving impression

In everyday use, the steering wheel does a very good job. The somewhat too-smooth shift paddles operate without problems and overall the steering wheel is recommended for the GT sector.

Due to its relatively large diameter, the round steering wheel is also very well suited for drifting. Here, the weaknesses in the function buttons are not noticeable and the combination of solid QR and high-quality materials wins the upper hand.


Overall, the steering wheel from CAMMUS is a successful combination of the 33-centimetre large rim and the button plate made of solid aluminium and carbon. The weaknesses in the area of the function keys and the magnetic shifters can be forgiven in view of the low price (especially as part of the set).

Overall, the steering wheel is a clear buy recommendation for the advertised price in the bundle ($200 surcharge), especially for drift enthusiasts. If you buy it individually in Germany for 289€, the recommendation is a bit weaker.


  • Magnetic shift paddles…
  • Price
  • Materials and finishing
  • Quick Release


  • … which are a little too soft
  • Button quality

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