BavarianSimTec ΩPRO Formula Wheel available for pre-order

BavarianSimTec ΩPRO Formula Wheel available for pre-order

BavarianSimTec is currently introducing the ΩPRO, a Pro version of its 30-centimetre Formula Wheel. It is equipped with high-quality encoders from Grayhill and illuminated buttons from APEM. The encoders are laser engraved and the front plate is made of forged carbon.

The steering wheel can currently be pre-ordered directly in the BavarianSimTec shop at the following prices excluding shipping:

  • ΩPRO Formula Wheel: 1.734€
  • Dual clutch: + 99€
  • Pull Paddles: + 69€

Impressions Simracing Expo

Simracing-PC already had the opportunity to take a first look at a prototype of the steering wheel at this year’s Simracing Expo. The first impression of the ΩPRO was very positive and both the finishing and the materials used made an absolutely high-quality first impression. You can find some images of the wheel below:

PRO Features

  • Grayhill Rotary Switches
  • 520gf APEM illuminated buttons
  • Laser engraved thumb wheels
  • Forged carbon front plate

Features (standard)

  • Monocoque Frame (handles & housing milled from a block of aerospace aluminum)
  • Forged Carbon Front Plate (framed flush in the housing)
  • Display (HighRes 4″ VoCore display)
  • LEDs (15 Rev-Lights, 6 Marshall Lights under acrylic glass)
  • Buttons/buttons (10 tactile buttons)
  • Aluminum rotary switch (Grayhill Rotary Switch)
  • 3 absolute position switches with 12 positions each
  • 2 magnetic paddle shifters
  • 2 seven-way funky switches (replacing the two middle buttons)
  • endless programming and setting possibilities
  • Weight: from 1200g in the basic version (one of the lightest steering wheels on the market)

Features (optional)

Double clutch (fully magnetic double clutch)
Pull paddles (2 magnetic pull paddles above the shift paddles)

Scope of delivery

  • ΩPRO Racing Wheel built to your specification
  • QR Mounting Plate
  • USB connection cable (spiral cable)
  • Case (stylish transport and display case)

Technical specifications

  • Width: 300mm
  • Height: 160mm
  • Depth: 70mm
  • Weight: from 1200 g (depending on equipment)
  • Housing: 6061 aerospace aluminum
  • Front: Glossy Forged Carbon-Fibre

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