MOZA Universal Hub, Standalone R5 Base & ES Wheel and GS / CS V2 launched

MOZA Universal Hub, Standalone R5 Base & ES Wheel and GS / CS V2 launched

The Chinese manufacturer MOZA has introduced the next wave of new products. Among them, the community’s wish has been heard and the R5 Base, which was previously only available in a bundle with steering wheel and pedals, will now also be available for purchase individually.

Standalone R5 Base & ES Wheel

  • ES Wheel: 159€ VAT excluded
  • R5 Base: 399€ VAT excluded

MOZA Universal Hub

MOZA’s newly released Universal Hub is designed to reduce the number of cables and offers four different inputs for the manufacturer’s products. Made of aluminium, the hub is also designed to allow the use of various MOZA products in combination with other manufacturers.

  • MOZA Universal Hub: 55€ VAT excluded

FSR Wheel Adapter

The Wheelbase Adapter for the FSR offers the possibility to use the popular MOZA FSR ( review on will follow soon) with the QR systems of other manufacturers.

  • FSR Wheel Adapter: 19€ VAT excluded

GS V2 und CS V2 Racing Wheels

With the new versions of the GS Steering Wheel and the round CS Steering Wheel, MOZA adds compatibility with the R5 base. This step has been planned for some time and responds to the community’s desire for more options for the entry-level five Newton metre wheelbase.

  • GS Wheel:499€ VAT excluded
  • CS Wheel: 279€ VAT excluded

ES Formula Wheel Mod 

The ES Formula Mod is a rim that transforms the round ES Wheel into a Formula Wheel. With 280 millimetres and handles made of TPU, it should provide a much better experience when used with formula cars.

  • ES Formula Wheel Mod: 45€ VAT excluded

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